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2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Golf has never been more popular than it is right now. With the U.S. Open final round falling on June 20th, Father’s Day 2021, golf will definitely be on the minds of dads around the country. What does this mean? It means you can become the favorite child, spouse, or friend when you give a father in your life the great gift of golf. We’ve selected golf’s hottest gifts for dads below that are sure to put a smile on his face and help him improve his golf game.


Galway Bay

If your father dreams of traveling to play in Ireland, Scotland or at Bandon Dunes, he’s going to want to bring quality rain gear. Galway Bay’s premium rain jacket and true-to-size rain pants have been named “Best Rain Gear” for two straight years by MyGolfSpy’s panel of reviewers. The brand’s rainwear stands apart in the industry with lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow golfers to stretch and move freely while staying warm and dry. New for 2021, Galway Bay has improved on its ultra-waterproof Hydro-Flex 32 fabric, making it lighter and stretchier for better freedom of movement.

Designed by expert tailors and using 100-percent waterproof/breathable materials, Galway Bay’s outerwear feature a softer, quieter fabric than typical rain gear and rubberized waterproof zippers.

Galway Bay’s All-Weather Pants are available in standard fit, as well as a tailored waist and inseam fit with a more fashion-forward, tapered leg. They feature belt loops, a seven-inch zipper and nine-inch-deep pockets. Designed to look like and be worn as golf slacks – eliminating the need to dress in layers – they optimize comfort, fit and style like no other rain pant ever has.

For Father’s Day use code V1Dad2021 for 20% off Galway Bay outerwear products.


Swing Align

Let’s face it. The gift every golfer wants is lower scores. With the Swing Align training aid, a more “connected” swing from a proper set-up position is achievable as is a more stable and powerful move through the ball. Swing Align was designed to help golfers set up square and hit shots solidly by providing a strong visual indicator they can use to line up square to their intended target. The device uses muscle memory to develop a repeatable golf swing with more power and accuracy by keeping their arms and body
synchronized when rotating.

On Swing Align’s website, you’ll find seasonal offers and instructional tips from Golf Digest Top Young Teacher Devan Bonebrake who says Swing Align is the best device he’s seen for improving alignment,
connection and rotation
, three of the most important elements that contribute to good impact. 

Swing Align Goal Post

If you want to give you dad the gift of consistent putting, then Swing Align Goal Post is a simple-yet-effective and compact learning device. It attaches easily to most putter heads, to supply instant feedback on the quality of each stroke as your father develops consistent aim, alignment, path and a
square face at impact. The Goal Post rewards a square putter face and center-face contact. If the putter face is open or closed, the ball contacts the posts on the takeaway or return stroke and veers off-line, providing immediate and correctable feedback. To make aiming the face even easier, the adjustable alignment rod attachment hovers above the ball and face of the putter. The combination of three aiming lines (the center alignment rod and the heel and toe posts) will maximize your dad’s vernier acuity — his ability to easily see when multiple line segments become even the slightest bit misaligned. Aiming his putter face square to his intended target line was never easier.

Use code v1dad2021 at checkout for 20% off your order of either Swing Trainer product.

Speed Trap 2.0

Most golfers are frustrated with lousy shots and have no idea how to fix them. The Speed Trap 2.0 guides you to a swing that creates good shots in 3 steps. Golf is exciting and fun again!

With this new 2.0 version you get the rod tethers built into the strongest base ever and upgraded design points throughout.  We’ve learned a lot and you are going to love it!

Use promo code V1DAD for 20% off your order of a Speed Trap 2.0


V1 Golf Plus Mobile App

The V1 Golf Plus Mobile App enables him to take and upload videos of his golf swings and send them to an instructor who uses the V1 Pro platform. The instructor then takes the video, adds telestration lines to show key points in the swing that need improvement, and can voiceover step-by-step lessons that can immediately be sent back to your father. He can also place his video side-by-side with a curated library of hundreds of Tour player model swings in HD, seek out monthly instructional content, and get premium support, overlay two videos for a more precise comparison, and share on social media and via email. With the V1 Golf Plus mobile app, it’s easy to find and receive an instant golf lesson from anywhere in the world with one of the 10,000+ teaching pros who use the V1 Pro teaching platform. Available for iOS in the Apple Store or for Android in the Google Play store for $6.99 per month or $59.99 billed annually — and subscriptions are 40% off through June 21.

Use code GODAD40 at checkout for 40% off your V1 Golf App subscription.

V1 Game Mobile App

With the V1 Game app, a mobile phone or Apple Watch becomes your father’s personal caddie and shot tracker. V1 Game’s powerful GPS data provides accurate yardages to greens, hazards and landing zones to help him navigate the course like a professional. After a round is completed, V1 Game’s intuitive performance analysis technology provides statistics that show his strengths, weaknesses and paths to improvement. Subscriptions can be purchased in-app with both auto-renewing and non-renewing options. Auto-renewing subscriptions cost $59.99/year or $6.99/month. Non-renewing subscriptions (allowing 7-day access) can be purchased for $9.99. V1 Game subscriptions are 20% off June 14-30. Upgrading to a paid subscription includes access to advanced stats including strokes gained scoring; Virtual Caddie that gives your father intelligent recommendations while he plays; and Virtual Coach that guides his practice sessions so he can work on what areas to improve his golf game.

Use code WINJUNE20 at checkout for 20% off your V1 Game subscription.

V1 Pressure Mat

For the “ultimate” gift for Dad, turn his personal space into his own Home Golf Studio and game- improvement center. Capture and analyze golf swings with high-frame-rate high-definition cameras and the world’s most powerful video analysis software for golfers. One incredibly useful studio tool is the ultra-thin V1 Pressure Mat, which is a powerful and portable solution to measure pressure, velocity and dynamic force throughout the golf swing. It integrates seamlessly with V1’s Home Studio software and
mobile app, to provide immediate data and video feedback.


ProPlay Cleaning Wipes

Your father can easily clean off his club grips, golf balls and shoes with these ProPlay disposable wipes. As he well knows, the moment a golf club begins slipping in his hands during a swing, it’s time to clean the grips off immediately. Hands, gloves, and especially grips get dirty over time. The grip cleaning wipes use a specialized formula that effectively removes sweat, dirt and grime while restoring the tackiness back to the grip.
Give your dad the gift of not having to worry about finding a ball washer on the course. Or worse yet, find a ball washer that’s bone dry. A clean golf ball will travel on a straighter trajectory, both in the air and on the green. And the athletic shoe cleaning wipes are specially formulated to clean and condition all types of leather athletic footwear.

Use code V1Dad at checkout for 21% off your ProPlay order.


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