3 Grips Tips from PGA Master Professional Claude Brousseau

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Blog

Grip it and rip it, right? But before you rip it, you must know how to grip it properly. The way you grip your club is the foundation of your golf swing and can make a huge difference in how well you play. With the right grip, you can control where the ball goes and how far it goes.

Lucky for you, we’ve gotten together with PGA Master Professional Claude Brousseau to collect his 3 most used grip tips when working with his golfers at Wailea Golf Academy. Let’s dive in to Coach’s tips! 


5 Holders of the Club

Let’s start by getting more efficient with your grip! Click below to properly place your fingers on the golf grip. 


Hot Dog Grip

When Claude’s working with kids and juniors, he uses this fun analogy to help! 

Club Face Control

The grip is important because it controls the club face. Click here to jump into the V1 GOLF app to get Claude’s tips on controlling the club face with your grip. 

club face control


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