5 Best Driving Drills of 2022

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Blog

Summer Golf is HERE and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re bringing you 5 of our newest and best driving drills to help you off the tee. ⛳


Check out the drills below from some of V1 Sports’ top Golf Instructors: John Koestner, Craig Hanson, Nancy Quarcelino, Scott Barradell, and Jon Watts, or go to the Drills tab in your V1 Golf app for more drills like this.


Preventing Sway—Creating power without sway off the tee. John Koestner from Roving Golf Academy has a simple drill to correct sway and consistently hit the back of the ball first.

Hit Up Driver DrillCraig Hanson’s showing us how to hit the ball on the way up. His drill and the “wall line” video tip will help you understand how you’re moving.

Three Ups—Hit your Driver further with Nancy Quarcelino’s three tips!

Driver Ball Position—Where do you play the ball in your stance? Why does it matter? Scott Barradell from The Eastern Golf Club is here to talk spine angle, tilt, and the effect ball position has on the outcome.

Hit Up, Maximize Distance—Hit the ball further starting from the ground up! Jon Watts with Tru Golf Academy will help you understand pressure, attack angle, and provide a drill to help you maximize distance.

To view more of the best driving drills of 2022, open your V1 Golf app and tap the Drills tab!

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