5 Steps to Get Out of Trouble with Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher Cheryl Anderson

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Blog

Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America Cheryl Anderson joins us with five easy steps to get out of trouble on the golf course. Cheryl is a V1 Sports Coach and Director of Instruction at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, FL. On top of her Golf Digest Top 50 honor, Cheryl’s list of accolades includes LPGA Teacher of the Year and GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher since 2013.

Cheryl was playing in the U.S. Women’s Senior Open practice round when she found herself in the trees… as so many of us often do. Along with using her 5 steps in practice, she recorded the whole thing so you can learn from a top instructor and player how to better approach trouble. 




If you find yourself in the trees or in a spot where you need to keep the ball low, use these 5 steps to get out of trouble!

  1. Grab your 7 iron
  2. Play the ball back in your stance
  3. Open your stance a bit
  4. Lean on your target side
  5. Make a partial swing with a lower follow through


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