6 Tips for Sending Great Video Lessons

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Blog

Below are six tips to follow when recording video lessons for your students with V1 PRO. These tips will help you produce high quality video analysis lessons, retain your students, and ultimately grow your golf instruction business without taking additional time or money.    


#1: Press Play Before You Press Record

Just before you begin recording a voice-over video lesson, begin playing the student’s swing video on a loop. Some coaches have a tendency to start their video lesson and talk for a few minutes with just the static image of the swing video on the screen. This can get quite boring. Instead, capture your student’s attention right away by having the swing video playing right when their lesson begins.  

recording a lesson with V1 PRO


#2: Use Graphics

Use the full suite of tools to draw lines, circles, squares, and more to focus your student on the specifics of what you are talking about. For example, if you are referencing the position of a student’s head, use the arrow tool or circle tool to direct attention to their head. If you are analyzing a student’s stance, use lines to show the correct positioning or angle.    


#3: Speak Clearly and Slowly

Don’t frustrate students by making the learning process any harder than it needs to be. The last thing you want is for a student to be confused because they can’t easily hear your message when watching their video lesson. If they can’t hear or understand you, it will be impossible for them to learn, and might make the whole experience a negative one. Be sure to speak clearly and slowly when recording voice-over video lessons.    


#4: Speak Directly To Your Student

Use your student’s name and address them directly.

“Hey Bob, let’s take a look at your swing.” 

Adding that extra personal touch makes a huge difference and helps capture their attention. 

recording a lesson with V1 PRO


#5: Keep Your Video Lessons Short and Sweet

We recommend video lesson be between 60-90 seconds. Keep it short and to the point. Not only is it easier for the student to retain information, it is also easier for the student to find the lesson to refer back to in their V1 GOLF app. You can always send multiple lessons if needed.    


#6: Become Certified in Lesson Delivery

Continue your education by completing your V1 PRO Certification. Not only will we go more in-depth on how to send a lesson using V1 PRO, we’ll cover the components of a good lesson, review example lessons, and have you practice with our practicum portion. It is completely free to complete, and will earn you an official V1 Sports Certified Instructor certificate. 

Click here to register and start your certification!  


You’ll find what works best for you and your method of teaching, but these six tips are a great starting point to create quality lessons for your students!



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