8 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Facility Build

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Blog

Over our nearly 30 years in the golf industry we’ve seen thousands of beautiful facilities and consulted on hundreds of multi-million dollar builds. Our facility design consulting service came about from wanting to share this experience and help serve as the video analysis expert during new or remodeled facility builds. Here are 8 things we’ve learned are important to think about before starting your next facility project:


1. Size & Number of Bays

It’s easier to add an additional bay now and figure out how to fill it than it is to scramble to find a home for a new teaching pro or physical therapist working out of the clubhouse. As long as your overall square footage allows for it, plan on tacking on an additional bay than what your current demand calls for. 


2. Lighting

We know that it takes great lighting to take great video, but do you know that not all lighting is the same?

For 240 frames per second video you need to have flicker free lighting or you will get dark framed still shots. To test current lighting, put your cell phone camera in slow motion video mode and hit record for 10 seconds. Then replay the video and if you see lights flicker in your video you will also see it during the video capture when filming swings.

Most LED bulbs will reduce flicker but we recommend talking with your contractor or electrician. An electrician should be able to help you with the best lighting but you need to let them know that you’re using the bay for slow motion video capture and need flicker free lighting.

Placement of the lighting is very important as well.Remember, you are trying to light up the golfer you are taking video of so we recommend lighting to be between the camera and the golfer face toward the golfer. Call us and we can help you layout this design!


3. Projector

Similar to lighting, many projector bulbs have flicker on them as well and this can affect the image during video capture. If you’re planning on recording swings with a projector in the background make sure you’re specifying a flicker free projector bulb. 


4. Wall Color

White or light colored walls are best to help not drown out the golfer. You want high contrast between the golfer and the background to best see the body positions of the golfer and the golf club. Avoid patterned wallpaper, dark colors, and wall decor on the walls behind your cameras.

5. Netting

For netting we recommend white archery-style netting.  This kind of netting is durable and will help add that contrast we’re looking for behind the golfer. With Down-the-line video the netting will likely be the background for the golfer.

We also recommend the netting to have 2 to 3 feet of extra netting on both sides and bottom. 


6. Rollup Garage Door

We recommend a roll up garage door that is as wide as the bay can handle. You’ll want those extra feet on either side when the bay is being used for group lessons.


7. Conduit for Hidden Wiring

Planning how and where you’ll need to run your wiring now will help you avoid unsightly tangled wires and the headache of not having power where you need it. Wiring should be almost invisible to your students when done well. 


8. Sitting Area

Think about how your lessons are going to flow. Do you need to have a sitting or meeting area for your next lesson to wait in? Do your students often bring observers (parents) that need chairs to sit in? Like a well built mudroom, a sitting area can really help make your transitions cleaner and reduce stress for all. 



Did you know we offer free, 30 minute consultations for facility designs? Are you just dreaming of your new build out and want to talk about do’s and don’ts? Are you already in progress with construction and need help with cable placement? Do you need recommendations for the best wall color and lighting for video capture? We’ve nearly seen it all, and we’re here to help. 


Click here to book a call with me!

-Chip Carrel








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