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Every golfer wants to hit the ball further; many times this means buying the newest driver or hitting the gym.  Rather than draining the bank account, or pulling a muscle, take a few minuets to learn from a PGA Professional on how to power up. V-One ambassador Patrick Fannon is giving golfers a few tips on how to do just that.

Fannon explains the drill as simple yet effective, and one in which allows the golfer to feel a proper turn. Many amateurs lack the swing speed necessary for big drives due to a turning of the arms rather than the chest and shoulders. It is this complete torso turn that delivers faster club head speed and increased carry numbers.

To enjoy bigger drives and lower scores…take a look below.

More Power by Patrick Fannon

V1 has engaged Fusion Media Strategies (Fusion Media), one of the leading public relations and marketing firms in the golf industry, to handle public relations efforts and promote golf online digital platforms.

“V1 Golf has been a leader and a pioneer in developing video swing analysis tools for over 20-years,” Chris McGinley, CEO of V1 Sports said. “As V1 evolves into a next generation game improvement platform, we wanted to team up with an experienced golf industry PR company like Fusion Media Strategies to assist us in engaging media and developing content through our network of V1 golf professionals, which will be critical for our new and upcoming product launches.”

We have been very fortunate to have thousands of PGA golf professionals nationwide including the game’s leading teachers use the V1 Golf Platform to capture, review and analyze swing video for the creation and sharing of golf lessons and content that deliver instruction to improve performance. The V1 Golf Platform offers pros the ability to teach in a studio using V1 Pro HD software, to teach mobile and on the go using the V1 Pro App, or both.

The V1 Golf App (available for IOS and Android devices) provides video swing capture, analysis and sharing and allows golfers to use the App’s directory to find and send swing videos for analysis to PGA Professionals. In addition golfers that have the V1 Plus subscription can compare their swing to V1 Golf’s library of tour swings.

Fusion Media Strategies (Fusion Media) is directed by 25-year industry veteran Kevin Frisch, who has been a leading public relations and marketing strategist in the golf industry for over 20-years. Kevin has intimate knowledge of the golf landscape and instruction, as a former club professional, along with his years of experience working with leading swing guru Rick Smith.

“Having taught the game of golf and been around Rick and seeing how instruction has evolved over the past 20-years, I am very excited to be working with the leading technology that’s making professionals better teachers and golfers better golfers.”

Fusion Media specializes in coordinating and developing earned media opportunities and exposing clients to millions of consumers in order to maximize brands and increase revenue.

Fusion Media provides services for golf courses, resorts, destinations, golf schools, state tourism bureaus, golf products and sports franchises. In addition, the company provides consulting on golf operations, new golf course developments, as well as professional golf, lifestyle, architectural and sports photography. Visit www.fusionmediastrategies.com.

A few months back, we began the process of moving our office (from our previous location in Plymouth, Michigan). We only moved a few miles down the road, however, it was a monstrous task. Thank you for being patient as we went through the process, and experienced some downtime with our phones and fax.

V1 Sports is now located in beautiful downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan on the fourth floor of the historic First National Bank Building. The city of Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), as well as many fast growing technology companies.

Everything is business as usual now. However, please make note of our new address:

All of our phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses remain the same.


PGA professional Jim Estes delivers high quality Branded V1 golf lessons as the Director of Instruction at Olney Golf Park in Olney, MD. Beyond just golf instruction he specializes in elite junior golf development and working on a holistic approach to coaching golf.

“I feel V1 has provide an excellent platform for my students to review their lessons. Being able to send me swings periodically to ensure they are practicing properly is vital to player development.” Jim Estes

Jim has been a long time V1 Branded Academy instructor and utilizes the Branded Academy platform to the fullest. Jim uses Lesson Caddy on his website for all of his scheduling. He has a fantastic Lesson Caddy scheduling site and it’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re interested in incorporating Lesson Caddy into your business model.

Jim Estes is a certified V1 Golf Coach and Branded Academy instructor. His PGA Tour-proven coaching is derived from first hand experience gained that resulted in not only qualifying for the PGA Tour and winning a Web.com event but also helping over 20 high school golfers play college golf.

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