Easy as 1-4-6-8

Instructors and teaching professionals are routinely searching for more time, as it is common for lessons to run long and daily tasks to accumulate. For this reason, every minute of teaching time should be maximized to its fullest effect. Creating systems within the V1 platform that are tailored to your teaching is vitally important for efficiency. Arguably one of the most studied points of each lesson pertains to the student’s impact position. Instead of sliding the time/swing manually from frame to frame set your students impact position at the start of every lesson.

How to set your students impact position

  1. Drag your video to where your student makes contact with the ball.
  2. Hold down on the ‘6’ button, this will re-set all of the swing positions.
  3. With all the swing positions re-set the instructor will be able to click through the students swing from position to position.
  4. By clicking on the 1-4-6-8 buttons the instructor will be able to seamlessly click from #1 address – #4 top of swing – #6 impact - #8 finish.

By creating and utilizing different systems throughout the V1 teaching platform, instructors are able to make the most out of the little time they have with each student.


Driven To Help Professionals Improve Their Business

V1 Sports, the leading golf swing video instruction platform, which is re-focused and driven to help teaching professionals improve their business and earn more money, will be attending the upcoming 64th PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL, January 24-26.

During this year’s PGA Merchandise Show, V1 will unveil a wide array of new products, software launches and apps that will excite both professionals and consumers. In addition, the company has introduced new management and technical teams lead by new CEO, Chris McGinley, a long-time industry veteran who spent over 20-years with Titleist.

Teaching professionals at all levels will be impressed with the new software being introduced. This includes scheduling and billing software combined with the new V1 Account to help better manage students, lessons, drills, profiles, branding, social media, and sponsors, allowing instructors to operate and improve their business 24/7 from any device.

V1 will also be releasing new versions of its award-winning desktop software V1 Studio Pro and the V1 Pro App for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets to help deliver better lessons. In addition, there is also five new Subscription Plans with simplified add-on pricing to provide the right solution to help instructors be more efficient, more effective, and grow their teaching business.

To learn more about the new V1 products and meet the new team members at the 2018 PGA Show, visit us at booth #1259, or to set up an appointment, contact sales@v1sports.com.

See V1 Sports at booth #1259


The Perfect Prescription

The most precarious time for an instructor and student is between lessons. The student, filled with new concepts is liable to either not practice what they learned, or over think themselves into such a state they struggle to remember what end of the club to hold. Not unlike a schoolteacher giving out homework to ingrain the daily lesson, golf instructors should give out their own take-home assignments. While it isn’t algebra formulas or state history questions, the use of drills as a link between lessons is highly effective.

Below are three ways to make this happen

#1 Create a Drill Library:

Take an hour and create a library of drills. Film yourself performing 10-15 generic drills that are easy for your students to understand. Once you have them recorded save them and store them in your “Drill Library.”

#2 Homework:

As the lesson is finishing tell your students that you are going to give them two drills that you want them to work on between lessons. Use a few of the drills that you have stored in your “Drill Library” and send them through the V1 platform to your student.

#3 Communicate:

Before your student leaves talk them through why you want them to do those drills. If the student understands the purpose of the drill and how it correlates to their specific swing, the chances of the student practicing rise substantially.


Need For Speed

Dreams of longer drives are common for all dedicated golfers. In most cases the ability to increase distance is limited due to the speed at which a golfer swings their club. Thus, golfers have to find a way to move the club faster more consistently if they wish to increase their length both off the tee, and in the fairway. V1 Sports Ambassador and Director of Instruction at Fox Hills Learning Center Jordan Young gives you the keys for a faster ride.

Young uses a drill he calls the “swing speed drill” to help the golfer understand, and more importantly feel how power is generated. Young flips the club over so that the club head is now the grip, and starts making a few relaxed practice swings. The golfer will feel the proper body sequencing that leads to increased swing speeds.

To increase your swing speed…take a look below.

Swing Speed Drill by Jordan Young

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