ABCA Annual Conference 4×4 Wrap Up

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Blog

Our V1 Sports team members had a great trip to the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Annual Conference this year! We’re excited to share with you our 4 key take aways and our 4 favorite new technologies we saw at the conference.

4 Take Aways

Pressure is a hot technology in sport, and beyond
We obviously love talking pressure at V1 Sports, but it seems like everyone else does too! There is no better way to visualize your connection to the ground than with a pressure reading. We love seeing pressure technology being implemented in sport and in medicine as a rehab tool.

Partnerships are the way
Everyone benefits when two great brands partner. Whether it’s V1 Sports and Louisville Slugger or Blast Motion and Mizuno, merging great companies and great ideas is going to accelerate growth and innovation in sport like never before.

Technology is more and more important for coaching youth sports
There might have been some hesitation about technology being distracting or too complicated for younger athletes but it’s becoming clear there is a place for sports technology from Little League to Major League. Read more about this trend in MVP Parent.

We love talking shop
It was great to return to in person (with COVID protocols that kept us safe) at the ABCA Conference. We just love getting out there and talking with you about what we do and why we’re excited about it. If you see us at a conference or event in the future, say hi!

4 Favorite Technologies

Mike Brown- Midwest Sales Manager

“It’s not necessarily new to the market, but the GameChanger app is one that I use as a parent attending games in addition to managing practice and game schedules and team communication. It’s also great when I can’t be at the game as I can get live updates.”

Marcela Hammond- Customer Success Manager

“I’m really excited about the SMART COACH RADAR™ APP SYSTEM (MODEL SR1100) from Pocket Radar. The Pocket Radar Smart Coach App System works hand in hand to capture exit velocity (amongst other readings) along side the V1 Pro Mobile App for video analysis + V1 Pressure Mat for seeing how the player is using the ground all on one screen at one time!

Phil Stotter- Director of Sport Science

“I’m always looking to find new innovations in the force capture space. Talking pressure, I was lucky enough to come across Nextiles. Nextiles is completely redefining what the term ‘wearable’ means. The status quo for wearable technology today is how small you can make a sensor pod that either straps, wraps or somehow attaches itself to your body, like: FitBit, smart watches, rings, heart rate straps, etc. Instead of relying on strapping devices, Nextiles merges all of these existing sensor properties and merges them with their proprietary sewing technology, resulting in fabric-based sensors that you wear like your everyday tee shirt or leggings. This is a big step forwards in capturing accurate measurements. I try to hide the technology as much as possible from athlete to limit distraction or interference, and Nextiles feels like wearing your regular clothes.”

Anthony Medaglia- Director of Customer Success

“Blast Motion continues to show why they are the thought leader in the swing development space with their intuitive swing analyzer technology. Having the ability to assess and score unique swing metrics like Plane, Connection, and Rotation allows the coach and player to use actionable insights to expedite hitting improvement for athletes of any age. In addition, Blasts training-center showcases easily digestible how-to, metric, and drill videos that makes it easy for users to learn about the technology and best practices.”

Did you miss V1 Sports Director of Sport Science Phil Stotter speaking at the ABCA Conference? Catch his presentation here!


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