Swing Study: Scottie Scheffler by Erik Horve

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Blog

Swing Study is a new feature where we invite one of our V1 Pros to analyze a recent winning swing using V1 Sports Software. Erik Horve is first up. He’s the lead coach at Goose Creek Golf Academy in Jurupa Valley, California and is highly decorated with eight PGA Section and Chapter awards, including 2011 Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year.

In the video below, Erik uses V1 Pro to break down Scottie Scheffler’s swing from his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. Scottie’s most recent win at the WGC Dell Technologies Match Play thrust him into World No. 1, making him the third quickest player to achieve this feat. Scottie Scheffler has won three of his last five starts on the PGA TOUR: WM Phoenix Open, Arnold Palmer Invitational, and WGC Dell Technologies Match Play.

The Teaching Power of Video Analysis

Erik illustrates the true power of video analysis using the telestration lines available on V1 Golf and V1 Pro. Scottie Scheffler’s swing is a great model to use for most golfers. Try using these same lines on your swing to compare at different points in the swing!

Generating More Power with Pressure Analysis

One of Scottie’s signatures is the Scheffler foot slide. Erik explains that this is because he puts so much pressure on his lead leg at impact and he’s driving off his trail toe side. In full speed it looks like he is slipping, but in slow motion it’s more apparent how controlled he is. This is a perfect example of how important the connection with the ground is for golfers and how ground forces are used to generate power. The V1 Pressure Mat, as Erik mentions is a great way for coaches and golfers to see a visual representation of ground force and work on improving swing mechanics with measurable, quantifiable data.

Check out Erik’s full swing analysis here!

The Power of Using V1 Golf+

Scottie Scheffler’s model swing was just added to V1 Golf+ app. Use the compare and overlay tools in V1 Golf+ to do your own analysis at home. How does your swing stack up to Scottie’s? You can also send your swing to Erik for your own personal swing analysis through the V1 Golf app. Click here for more details!

Don’t have V1 Golf+ yet? Upgrade here to get access to these model swings plus tons of other swings from the greats in golf, then use those swings to improve your own with the analysis tools available in the V1 Golf app.


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