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V1 Golf Academy

V1 created the V1 Golf Academy and V1 Sports Academy websites for V1 Pro instructors looking to deliver online lessons to students, but without the customization of a Branded Online Academy.

Coaches and instructors using V1 Pro to teach golf can direct their students to the V1 Golf Academy to log-in and access their personal locker in order to view their lessons.

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V1 Sports Academy

Students receiving online lessons from V1 Pro certified coaches/instructors outside of golf will be directed to the V1 Sports Academy to access their personal locker in order to view their lessons.

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Branded Online Academies

A Branded Online Academy enables coaches and teaching professionals to market themselves through their own customized version of the V1 SportsAcademy/V1 Golf Academy.

Rather than having students directed to their respective V1 Academy to access their online lessons, an automated email customized with your branding and logo directs your students to your website to log into your Branded online Academy to view their instructional analyses. Your Branded Online Academy is hosted, supported and maintained with the full backing of V1 Tech Support.

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Need Support?

Our support desk is filled with instructional videos, Q&A, and ways to get in touch regarding our products.

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V1 Golf Academy

Set-up and/or access your V1 Golf app locker to view swings and lessons on the V1 Golf Academy.

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