V1 Home 2.0 for Windows

Capture. Compare. Improve.

Video Analysis Software for Athletes seeking at home video analysis technology to elevate their skills and performance on their own time and schedule.

V1 Home is the most advanced sport analysis software for the avid athlete on the market today. Amateur and professional players of all sports rely on V1 Home to help analyze and improve their performance on their own computer.

V1 Home video analysis software helps you improve your athletic performance and further enjoy the sports you play. Capture your athletic motion on video and use V1 Home to play it back and highlight areas for improvement. Use V1 Home drawing tools for self-analysis or send your video to one of our V1 Academies professional instructors for expert analysis and online lessons.

When you register your V1 Home software, you can sign-up for complimentary membership to the V1 Sports Academy and V1 Golf Academy, with your own personal Locker to receive and store your online lessons and model videos.

The V1 Home Software Basic and Premium Edition are available only via Download for Windows.

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  1. An all-new user-interface (UI) design
  2. Greatly enhanced support for a wider range of capture hardware
  3. Audio hit-detection automated recording
  4. Pan-and-zoom video tool
  5. Volume control knob for video playback
  6. Speed control knob for variable-rate slow motion playback (frame rates from 1/sec to 20/sec)
  7. Print in video-comparison mode
  8. Download model videos from the V1 Academies (Sports & Golf)
  9. Download and view lessons from your academy locker (side-by-side with other video in compare mode)
  10. Combine and send two videos/views to the academy simultaneously in compare mode

Key Functions

  1. Students can record their athletic motion onto their computer.
  2. Students can receive, open, and review their athletic motions filmed by their instructor.
  3. Students can playback their lessons in the video window.
  4. Quickly compare two performances side by side to identify faults.
  5. Transmit recorded performance via the Internet for feedback from a professional instructor.
  6. Use overlaid drawing tools as a reference while reviewing the performance.
  7. Remove the guesswork – it’s hard to fix what you can’t see. Motion analysis done easily and effectively with the touch of a button.

Comparison of V1 Home Basic & Premium

Download the Free V1 Home Software

Video AnalysisYesYes
Access to V1 AcademiesYesYes
Compare 2 VideosNoYes
Auto (microphone) recordNoYes
Variable-speed playbackNoYes
YouTube File DownloadNoYes

Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or later
Processor:Dual-core processor – 1 GHz or faster
Memory:1 GB system RAM or more
Storage:500 MB of free disk space
(additional storage required for video files)
Video:DirectX-compatible display adapter (256 MB video RAM)
Video capture device required to record video
Audio:Windows-compatible sound card

V1 Home 2.0 Tutorial

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