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JK Whited

JK is the Director of Online Hitting at Baseball Rebellion and has completed over 11,000 lessons in his career. JK had a standout career at UNC-Asheville, where he started 4 years behind the plate and was a captain his junior and senior year. As a junior, JK was on the watch-list for the Johnny Bench Award, the best catcher in college baseball.

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By Leslie | September 21, 2022

Content provided by JK Whited, Senior Hitting Instructor/Director of Online Hitting at Baseball Rebellion   If you have been following Baseball Rebellion at all, you know the importance of swing sequence.  Simply put, the right moves in the right order. Today we will examine a hitter’s first move after the loading sequence. Now I can’t … Continued

Reds Minor-League Hitting Coach Dave Hansen Teaching with New V1 Sports Technology

By Leslie | July 19, 2022

This article was originally written by Jeff Gilbert, Contributing Writer for the Dayton Daily News    Dave Hansen always knew good hitting was accomplished from the ground up because that’s what every hitting coach says. Before, during and after his 15-year major-league career, he heard wisdom like “stay on your legs” and “use the ground.” … Continued

Upgrade Your Movement Screen Using V1 Sports

By Leslie | July 6, 2022

Philip Stotter, V1 Sports Director of Sports Science, joins us to talk about using V1 Sports video and ground pressure analysis technology to conduct a Functional Movement Screen.    Every preseason and into the season, the online debate starts about the efficacy and validity of testing and screening athletes and more specifically which screens or tests … Continued

Stop Hitting Just to Hit: How to Have a Better Batting Practice

By Leslie | May 6, 2022

Content provided by Baseball Rebellion Quality over Quantity We have all heard that statement before. Yes, one of the main ways to get better at hitting a baseball or softball is to hit reps. But does that mean the more reps we take the better? You have to really ask yourself, how many quality reps … Continued

9 Hitting Terms Every Softball Player Should Know

By Leslie | March 11, 2022

In this special blog takeover Chas Pippett, Founder, CEO, and Lead Softball Hitting Instructor at Baseball Rebellion walks us through some essential terminology that will make coaches and parents better communicators, and athletes better hitters. Do you know the most common hitting terms used by coaches today? Knowledge is power, and knowing these terms and … Continued

What’s Important vs. What’s Vital in the Swing

By Leslie | March 3, 2022

In this special blog take over, Coach JK from Baseball Rebellion walks us through what he considers important and vital for a good baseball or softball swing. Interested in having JK analyze one of your swings? Click here! I’m a huge analogy guy. I really enjoy simplifying movements to their core and getting rid of grey … Continued

ABCA Annual Conference 4×4 Wrap Up

By Leslie | February 3, 2022

Don’t miss the upcoming ABCA & V1 Sports Webinar!Topic: “How to Coach with Ground Force and Video Technology”Register here Our V1 Sports team members had a great trip to the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Annual Conference this year! We’re excited to share with you our 4 key take aways and our 4 favorite new … Continued

Coaching “Load Back” with JK from Baseball Rebellion

By Leslie | January 21, 2022

For this special blog takeover, JK Whited from Baseball Rebellion joins us to talk about the power of using concise language in coaching and backing language up with a visual representation. Would you like JK to analyze one of your skills? Click here to learn more.  In coaching, words can invoke or inspire specific physical … Continued

Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center and V1 Sports Form New Partnership

By Leslie | January 7, 2022

V1 Sports’ Ground Pressure Mat Technology with Video Analysis to Deliver Proven, Measurable Game Improvement to more than 50,000 Baseball Players in 2022 Through Multifaceted Partnership V1 Sports is now partnered with the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center – the world’s first true diagnostic and analytic swing lab for baseball and fastpitch softball players – … Continued

The Pressure of the World Series: How did Atlanta Braves Pitcher, Charlie Morton, pitch on a Broken Leg?

By Michael | November 1, 2021

Phil Stotter, Director of Sports Science How do you pitch on a broken leg? Ask Atlanta Braves Pitcher, Charlie Morton. By now, everyone has heard how Charlie Morton was struck by a 102.4 MPH ball off the bat of Houston Astros Yuli Gurriel in Game 1 of the World Series, fracturing his fibula. We also … Continued