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Why Take Online Baseball Lessons?

Our user list is a Who's Who of the most successful baseball and softball programs in North America. With champions ranging from youth programs, high school, college, the Olympics, Professional Major League Baseball, and Fast Pitch Softball teams.

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Our roster includes some of the most awarded and experienced baseball coaches in the world.

Personalized Instruction

Get voice-over video analysis of your swing, pitching, & even fielding mechanics with tailored game-improvement plans from our Pros.

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Visual comparison to ideal athletic movement with Video Telestration
  • In-depth review of athletic movement (hitting, throwing, fielding)
  • Identification of inefficiencies in your kinetic chain
  • Drills specific to your development
  • Recorded voice-over video analysis
  • Email communication with your Pro

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Baseball Rebellion

Baseball Performance Instruction

Dave Hansen Baseball Academy

Dave Hansen

Elite Baseball Hitting Instruction

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Precision Pitching

Elite Baseball Instruction

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Best Coaches In the World

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