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V1 Golf Coach Spotlight

Jake Thurm

Jake Thurm has been named one of the "Best Young Teachers in America" by Golf Digest for three consecutive years. His instruction offers a unique combination of physical and mental guidance, customized for each student and informed by technology and analytics.

Highly regarded in Chicagoland golf circles, Jake is the Midwest Director for the USA Junior National Golf Team and Director of the Nike Junior Golf Camp at Fresh Meadow Golf Club in Hillside. He also operates golf schools at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club in Lemont and the Athletico Performance Center in Oak Brook.

Whether working with PGA pros or promising young players, Jake identifies a common trait in all his students. "They are serious players who are passionate about improving their game," he says. "When that's the case, I'm equally passionate about helping them. And I know I can."

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