V1 Pressure Mat

For Baseball And Softball

Help Your Athletes Improve

From the Ground Up

The V1 Pressure Mat is the first portable and affordable ground interaction tool to measure the quantity and quality of forces that an athlete is applying within their movement mechanics. With the state-of-the-art sensors within the V1 Pressure Mat, coaches can accurately assess and teach dynamic balance and provide immediate feedback to their athletes during a lesson or practice session.


Visualize Three Key Ground Forces

The V1 Pressure Mat, together with the V1 Pro desktop software or mobile app, is a fully integrated ground-force, pressure, and video analysis solution. The V1 Pressure Mat uses state-of-the-art sensor fabric to measure 3 key forces in an athletic movement to help coaches and athletes better understand ground mechanics and improve performance.

Center of Pressure

The center-of-pressure (CoP) chart shows the CoP location and movement trace, and percent distribution lead to trail foot, and heel to toe.

Pressure Graph

Dynamic Vertical Force

The dynamic vertical force chart measures changes in the amount of ground reaction force throughout the athlete's movement. 


CoP Velocity

This CoP velocity chart displays the rate or speed of movement of the center-of-pressure during the athletic movement.


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Portable and Versatile

The V1 Pressure Mat is the world's thinnest and flexible pressure mat which means it can be used on any lie in the cage, in the pen, on the field, behind the dish, and in the weight room.

  • Size: 24"x43"
  • Weight: 9.6lbs
  • Battery Life: 20+ hrs
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Seamless Integration with V1 Pro

The V1 Pressure Mat automatically connects to your V1 Pro Studio software and mobile app. Capture high-speed, high-definition video alongside the V1 Pressure Mat's foot pressure distribution maps to maximize the analysis of an athlete's ground force mechanics.

Dynamic Vertical Force

Watch the V1 Pressure Mat in Action