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With the V1 Game app, a mobile phone or Apple Watch becomes a golfer's personal caddie, game performance tracker and pocket golf coach. V1 Game's powerful GPS data provides accurate yardages to greens, hazards and landing zones to help you navigate the course like a professional. After a round is completed, V1 Game's intuitive performance analysis technology provides a wealth of articulated statistics that reveal the user's strengths, weaknesses and paths to improvement. With these newest features, the sky is the limit on GPS- and A.I.-powered game improvement.  What's more, V1 Game functions without the need for wearables, attachments or any external hardware other than a smartphone or Apple Watch.

V1 Game Features

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Manage the Golf Course like a Tour Pro with V1 Game

  • GPS data available for thousands of golf courses worldwide
  • Rangefinder provides accurate distances to greens, tees, hazards, and landing zones
  • Enjoy beautiful aerial satellite views
  • Manually set the pin for precise distance to facilitate correct club selection
  • Track shots live or post-round at your convenience
  • Track your strokes, putts, and penalties
  • Track shot distance, location, and clubs used
  • View Scoring History and Personal Bests

Powerful Post-Round Statistics

  • Data is instantly generated analyzing your performance
  • See strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies at a glance
  • Stats include: strokes gained, shot patterns, club distances, scoring, greens in regulation (GIR), fairways in regulation (FIR), scrambling, putts per green, putts per GIR, estimated handicap, and more
  • Strokes gained data available for any skill level from PGA TOUR to beginner, and is broken down by overall score, driving, approach, short game, and putting
  • View personal bests and scoring history
V1 Game Stats

Virtual Caddie

Virtual Caddie uses club history to recommend a club based on lie, yardage to the hole, and weather conditions.

Virtual Caddie also shows you your miss tendency from similar locations for approach shots.

Plays like...

"Plays like" uses weather information to give an adjusted yardage. In this case, the player is 140 yards from the green, but due to the helping wind, it plays like 138 yards.

Caddie Suggestions

Using club history, Virtual Caddie uses the adjusted yardage to make a club recommendation (9 iron in this case). The caddie also shows you your miss tendency based on captured data overlaid on the green and gives an aim suggestion. You tend to miss right… aim left.

Virtual Coach

Virtual Coach offers new guided statistics. Added metrics tells you what to work on so that you don't have to do the analysis yourself. Plus, the touch screen is interactive. Tapping on any piece gives you key insights with drilldown capability. Using Strokes Gained and artificial intelligence, Virtual Coach guides your practice and makes it easy to understand where you need to work.

Course Explorer

See how the V1 Game community has played the course before you play or review your own course history. See the course record and course average, and tap around to get distances to anywhere.


Track improvement or track areas where  you are slipping with quick access to trends.

Course Records

Set new course records for the community, view your personal course records, or see the community course record for courses you've played.

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  • Advanced stats including strokes gained scoring
  • Virtual Caddie gives you intelligent recommendations while you play
  • Virtual Coach informs your practice sessions so you can work on what truly matters first
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2021 Best Features Awarded By GolfPASS

  • Best App for Auto Shot Tracking
  • Best App for Strokes Gained Data
  • Best App for Auto Distance Measuring
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@Wolf Fam

"This app is wonderful and much better then other tracking apps out there. This ones allows you to auto track your shots so during a tournament you can still have your stats- Amazing!"


"Only one round introduced and this app got me. Love it. Easy to use. Just track your round and Will get a lot of stats data."


"This is by far the easiest shot tracking app. It takes a couple of rounds to get used to it but well worth the info it provides. Unlike other apps like 18Birdies the cost benefit ratio here is worth it."

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