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3 Tips to Keep Your Golf Game Sharp at Home

3 Tips to Keep Your Golf Game Sharp at Home

Nate Schwalm, an experienced golfer and Sales Analyst at V1 Sports, shares his best tips for keeping your golf game sharp when stuck at home.

As a Michigander and an avid golfer, I know a thing or two about being stuck inside my house for months on end with what seems to be no great way to practice my swing or improve my game. Here are several ways I’ve been able to use my house and my backyard to work on my golf game. 

1. Use the V1 Golf App and a Mirror to Check your Form

If you have a mirror in the house, either a full body mirror or any one in front of free space, you can use it as a reference guide to visually work on your swing. If you don’t have an easily accessible mirror (or even if you do), you can use the free V1 Golf app to record and review your golf swing. With its advanced drawing tools, you can analyze your swing with drawing tools, calculate body angles, track your head position throughout your swing, and more. If you are a visual learner of any sort, a mirror and the V1 Golf app should be an integral part of your at-home game improvement regime.

2. Chip with a Foam Ball

Another fun in-house activity, that was essentially the foundation of how I learned to play golf, was chipping inside the house with a foam ball. Find any spot of good carpet in your house, grab a foam ball or ball of soft material, a wedge and you are good to go. I pitch shots from the family room to a rug in the hallway all winter long and it’s a great way to keep my short game sharp. If you don’t have that much space to work with, try chipping the ball into a couch or chair cushion so it bounces right back to you. If you want to make it even more challenging, try to flop it over the couch or chair. 

3. Backyard Mini Golf

The final practice drill I would recommend to all the stir crazy golfers out there is playing golf around your yard (or nearby unoccupied patch of grass) with a wiffle ball. It’s a great way to knock the rust off and stay loose. I try to find objects around the yard or house and make golf holes out of them. For example, playing to the outdoor air conditioner as a hole, the mailbox down by the street, or the base of your basketball hoop…the possibilities are endless! When I was a kid, this was another favorite way for me to practice when I wasn’t able to go to the course or range. Getting outside during times like these are crucial and more important than ever.

I hope these tips help you spice up the way you practice and your time at home.


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