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5+ Stats to Track in 2021

5+ Stats to Track in 2021

What is V1 Game?


With the V1 Game app, a mobile phone or Apple Watch becomes a golfer’s personal caddie, game performance tracker and pocket golf coach.

 V1 Game’s powerful GPS data provides accurate yardages to greens, hazards and landing zones to help you navigate the course like a professional.

After a round is completed, V1 Game’s intuitive performance analysis technology provides a wealth of articulated statistics that reveal the user’s strengths, weaknesses and paths to improvement.

5+ Stats to Track in 2021

1. Driving Distance

If you’re like Bryson DeChambeau, driving distance is on your mind heading into 2021. After bulking before the 2020 season, DeChambeau proved how effective a good gym routine can be for both ball speed and swing speed. It worked in 2020, and according to DeChambeau, he isn’t stopping there.

“I’m going to keep getting speed until I try and get around 205 to 210 (ball speed). Once I achieve those speeds and I’m comfortable with that, not trying to swing my butt off, it just happens naturally, that’s when I’ll probably stop and go down the chipping rabbit hole and try and understand my chipping and wedging a bit better,” DeChambeau told PGATour.com in an article published on January 7th, 2021.

V1 Game can help you track long drives and average drives with our driving distance chart in the analyze section to make sure your gym gains translate to distance gains. Driving distance is on DeChambeau’s mind heading into 2021 and it should be on yours, too. 

2-4. Eliminate Mistakes

The key to playing quality golf and winning tournaments is minimizing mistakes. The V1 Game app’s three keys are the top stats to pay attention to if this is your goal:

  1. Three putts
  2. Two chips
  3. Penalties

Understanding The Three Keys

Minimizing the three keys are a major factor in scoring. Mistakes such as three putts, two chips, and penalties are scorecard wreckers, but typically take just a little bit of practice to improve dramatically. To minimize three putts, focus on lag putting and making the short ones with dedicated practice sessions.Two chips are when it takes more than one stroke to get on the green from inside 75 yards. This includes bunkers and shots from the rough. You don’t necessarily have to get it close, but get these shots on the green in a single shot to improve scoring.Lastly, penalties are typically a result of either poor course management or poor ball striking. V1 Game Virtual Caddie and Virtual Coach and help you understand your tendencies and plan your shots better to eliminate penalties and shoot lower scores.

To view, head over to the post-round summary. Tap on the plot itself for more details. For a closer look, you can also see the Three Keys plot in the Analysis section.

5. Strokes Gained

Strokes Gained is the measure of how well someone performs compared to the target handicap, taking into account the length and location of each shot and putt.

V1 game offers references from PGA Tour Pro to 25 handicap for both men and women for a reference that can help you reach your goals. It’s helpful to know where you stack up against the target handicap to locate areas of your game you need to improve on the most. 



Short Game






Shot Frequency

6. Greens in Regulation

Greens in Regulation measures how many times you hit the green with the chance to putt for birdie or better. It’s a way to measure your accuracy with your approach shots. You can take this stat and use it as a performance measuring stick. Compare your past and future rounds and keep track of how you are increasing your greens in regulation to have a better idea on your progress.

Download the V1 Game app to help you improve your game and track these stats going into the new golf season. See below for more details.


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