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5 Ways the V1 Game App Can Drop Your Handicap

5 Ways the V1 Game App Can Drop Your Handicap

In a technological world, data drives improvement. Professional athletes use statistics to help drive their goals and focus their practices. Use the advanced analysis technology in the V1 Game App to practice like a pro, gather actionable analysis, and use data to drive decisions.

1. Automatic Shot Tracking

Focus on golf and let V1 Game track your shots from your pocket, in the background.

2. Instant post game analysis

With data on every aspect of your game, you get to choose the stats to focus on. Choose between in depth understanding of your club distances, strokes gained, shot patterns, and more. Determine your personal handicap and explore the depths of where your game can go.

3. Identify strengths and weaknesses

Use the statistics gathered on every round to figure out your own tendencies and personal handicaps. Focus in on shot patterns and what directions you may have a tendency to lean. One of the best tools in this app is tracking Strokes Gained, which shows what part of your game you need to work on.

4. Build a Library of round and scoring history

Use for future reference to keep track (and break) personal best rounds and records.

5. Share stats with your Pro

When your golf instructor downloads V1 Coach, you can send them your stats so they can better understand your game. With V1 Coach, your pro can analyze your stats and tendencies in a real round, and can show up to your next lesson fully prepared.

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