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Best Young Teacher: Jeffrey Barton

Best Young Teacher: Jeffrey Barton

V1 Pro Jeffrey Barton was recently recognized on the Golf Digest 2018-19 ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ list. Read on to learn how he rose to the top.

Name: Jeffrey Barton

Current position: PGA Director of Instruction, Preston Trail Golf Club in Dallas, Texas.

Education: University of Texas El Paso

Past teaching experience: In 2004 Jeffrey joined Preston Trail Golf Club in Dallas as an assistant golf professional and was soon thereafter promoted to Head of Instruction. In 2012, Jeffrey joined Nike Golf’s Research and Development Facility (“The Oven”) in Fort Worth as a Tour Specialist. At The Oven he worked with more than 50 worldwide touring professionals and professional athletes with their equipment needs. This elite group included Rory McIlroy, Paul Casey, Nick Watney, Michael Jordan, and many others. In 2014, Barton returned to Preston Trail Golf Club as PGA Director of Instruction, where he leads the quality training, development, and fitting programs.


Awards and recognition: Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher, North Texas PGA Metro Chapter Teacher of the Year, North Texas PGA Section Teacher of the Year.

What are your thoughts on being selected as one of the Best Young Teacher’s?

It’s an honor to be included on the list with some of the brightest young teachers in the country. The credibility of the honor adds value to my teaching credentials and is highly respected by my students.

What is your favorite lesson?

My favorite lesson is after a student has had some time to implement our plan, and we start to see changes in their motions and ball flight. It’s always great to be able to show them the before and after on V1. It helps validate what they are working on.

What is the biggest swing flaw you see in students?

The biggest swing flaw I see in students is what I call trying to move the club too straight. For those who pick up golf later in life this leads to the over the top move in the downswing and for those who pick the game up at a younger age will tend to send the club too in-to-out or to the right post impact.

What is your favorite way to use the V1 Instruction Platform?

We have a 4-camera system in our Learning Center and I love using the overhead camera with students. First, most students have never seen their swing from this angle so they have no pre-conceived notions on what it should look like. I also love the fact from this angle players can see the arc and circle of the golf swing along with the pivot of the body. My second favorite tool is the ability to do voice-over notes and send them to the student after the lesson. Most students love this function of V1.

How can golfers get in touch with you?


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