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Breed Discusses V1 Pro, The V1 Golf App and an Easier Way to Take Lessons

Breed Discusses V1 Pro, The V1 Golf App and an Easier Way to Take Lessons

V1 Sports Brand Ambassador Michael Breed has such a commanding presence as a TV, video and radio host that it’s interesting to hear him in the guest role on other’s shows. Recently, Breed sat down with CBS Sports and Golf WRX host Michael Williams on “The 19th Hole” to discuss the evolution of his work with V1 Sports, from using the large CPU units and accompanying software to today’s state-of-the-art cameras and easy-to-use mobile apps to create dynamic lessons.

“I think the (ability to send and receive video lessons through the V1 Golf Swing App and V1 Golf Pro Software mobile apps)  attracts everyone who wants to get better at golf because it can increase the number of people who actually feel comfortable taking lessons. The ones who would never call up their pro or drive to the range or research pros online and reach out now have in easy format, right in their hands, to record and send swings to a pro from wherever they’re comfortable making those swings,” Breed says. “I want people to get hooked on golf because they experience that feeling of hitting great shots and having better chances for better scores. People with viable ‘hope’ that they can get better out on the golf course will help grow the game.”

In this conversation with Williams, Breed shares his unique insights and plans to bring more golfers sustainably into the game.

“I love to tell beginning golfers, don’t keep track of all your shots. Keep track of the number of shots (in a round) that you hit well. If the number goes up from one to three to five to eight to 12 and that hope factor goes up. They can hope to shoot lower scores and have more fun and that builds their love of the game,” he said.

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