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Bryan Finnerty V1 Sports CEO: What I Wish I Knew

Bryan Finnerty V1 Sports CEO: What I Wish I Knew

“Ask what can I do to help…and you’ll find opportunities everywhere.”

Bryan Finnerty, V1 Sports CEO

Now V1 Sports’ proud CEO, Bryan Finnerty started in a completely different career path as h earned Detroit sports legend status as the longtime goalkeeper for the Detroit Rockers of the MISL. Following his soccer career, he applied many of the same qualities such as vision, work ethic, constant learning, and team building to other endeavors. He was founding partner and CEO of ProtectCELL, a $125 million mobile device insurance company. He built a large sports training facility, High Velocity Sports, which he still runs. In addition, he is chief giving officer of Opportunity Seed Capital, where he looks for ways to leverage time, treasure, and talent for community benefit.

“Be who you are, all the time.”

An advocate of the entrepreneurial operating system (EOS), Bryan brings a people-first, values-driven model to building organizations and a belief that success also brings a responsibility to give back.

“We check our values a lot and none are aspirational. Values should be who you are now.”

In this episode of What I Wish I Knew with Mike Irwin & Simon Daw, Bryan talks about values, leadership, humility, and gratitude…in action.

Switching the Field with Bryan Finnerty

About What I Wish I Knew

Life and career rarely go to plan. Breakthroughs happen on the ragged edge when things aren’t quite going as expected. What I Wish I Knew podcast hosts Mike Irwin and Simon Daw explore lessons learned by leading athletes, creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and difference makers. They all have three things in common: none are perfect, all are humble, and they’ve learned a few things along the way. In What I Wish I Knew, they share their lessons with you.


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