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Join Mr. Short Game in his V1 Home Studio

Join Mr. Short Game in his V1 Home Studio

About Mr. Short Game

Mr. Short Game began golfing at the age of 18 and was a walk on for the golf team at San Diego State University. After graduating, he pursued his other passion of television and film and headed for Hollywood.

Twenty years later, Mr. Short Game has combined his skills in the film industry with his passion for golf and founded Mr. Short Game.

Breaking Down Swings at Home with V1 Sports

To create the perfect practice arena at home, Mr. Short Game utilizes V1 Sports technology including V1 Home software, two-camera system, and the V1 Pressure Mat. Mr. Short Game prepares for the new golf season with a fully functional and innovative golf home studio to improve his game going into the New Year.

Watch Mr. Short Game break down his swing below:

Products Mr. Short Game Used

1. Video Analysis Software

V1 Home Studio

2. Two Camera System

Available in 67 and 240 fps speeds.

3. V1 Pressure Mat

Measure your ground forces and improve your golf swing.


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