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Celebrating 20 Years at the PGA Merchandise Show

Celebrating 20 Years at the PGA Merchandise Show

The 2019 PGA Merchandise Show marked 20 years since the introduction of the original V1 Professional video analysis software, which changed the industry forever and kicked off the era of modern golf instruction. At this year’s show, V1 Sports honored this special anniversary with our biggest presence ever. To celebrate two decades, we decided to create a truly immersive experience with full-swing demonstrations at our booth for the first time.


We partnered with the world’s number one golf simulator, Optishot® Golf, to build a massive 17’x12’ hitting bay, retrofitted with V1 Pro HD swing analysis software and high-frame-rate HD cameras to capture down-the-line and face-on video of attendee’s golf swings. Throughout the 3-day show, hundreds of golf instructors experienced the full power of the Video Instruction Platform.


We also hosted two Education Seminars, which sold out weeks in advance. Attendees received coveted PGA education credits for attending. The seminars covered everything from best practices for video analysis and voice-over video lessons, to facility design and hardware. Guest speakers included Director of Instruction at Fox Hills Jordan Young, Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Scott Hamilton, and longtime LPGA player Vicky Hurst. Check out the full recording of the seminars below:

Not only did  we celebrate our 20th year with our biggest display on the Show floor ever, we also took this year as an opportunity to give thanks to our dedicated V1 Pros. We brought in a professional film crew to create a studio where our Pros could record high quality instruction content that they could use in their lesson and to promote their business. This was a completely free benefit that we provided for our loyal instructors.

To top the week off, we had a chance to catch up with newly named President of the PGA Suzy Whaley. Check out what she had to say:

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