Meet Jim Estes, V1’s featured Branded Academy Instructor of the Month who uses Lesson Caddy in his business model.

Posted on: Jun 21 2016 | Blog

PGA professional Jim Estes delivers high quality Branded V1 golf lessons as the Director of Instruction at Olney Golf Park in Olney, MD. Beyond just golf instruction he specializes in elite junior golf development and working on a holistic approach to coaching golf.

“I feel V1 has provide an excellent platform for my students to review their lessons. Being able to send me swings periodically to ensure they are practicing properly is vital to player development.” Jim Estes

Jim has been a long time V1 Branded Academy instructor and utilizes the Branded Academy platform to the fullest. Jim uses Lesson Caddy on his website for all of his scheduling. He has a fantastic Lesson Caddy scheduling site and it’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re interested in incorporating Lesson Caddy into your business model.

Jim Estes is a certified V1 Golf Coach and Branded Academy instructor. His PGA Tour-proven coaching is derived from first hand experience gained that resulted in not only qualifying for the PGA Tour and winning a event but also helping over 20 high school golfers play college golf.

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