Five-Lesson Group Teaching Plan

Posted on: Apr 24 2018 | Blog


Mentoring Instructors

Golf Instruction has come a long way since the game was first played in 1457. The Scotts passed down lessons learned, and tricks of the trade that constituted as the first golf lessons. These early instructors knew that for the game they so loved to survive, it was imperative to share their knowledge with the next generation of players and teachers. This continual passing of the torch that started in the mid-15th century has endured as today’s instructors take part in the same ritual of passing their wisdom to golf’s newest ambassadors.

There is no better example of this than V1 Sports advocate Todd Sones. Todd has created a system of teaching that incorporates open dialogue, constructive criticism, and peer-based review. Sones has developed a five-lesson group teaching plan where Todd does the first lesson and through the V1 Sports platform is able to send it to both the student, and one of his staff instructors. The chosen instructor does the next three lessons sending them to the student and to Todd so that he can review and offer input. Sones teaches the fifth and final lesson incorporating the dialog and discussion between Todd and his staff instructor. Sones has a passion for growing the game:

“I am a big believer that one of our chief responsibilities as experienced teaching professionals, and stewards of the game of golf is to provide mentorship to our newer and less experienced teaching professionals.”

Sones has created a collaborative environment where ‘green’ instructors can grow, and a flow of ideas can occur. V1 Sports innovative platform has allowed Sones to share 30 years of teaching experience in a fraction of the time:

“The learning curve is so much faster for my staff members than it was for me. Using this five lesson teaching plan I have seen tremendous growth  in one years time.”

Todd has created an incredibly successful business, Todd Sones Impact Golf School’ with help from his four full time instructors. The growth of Sones golf school is due in part to the development of these instructors. Todd credits some of their success to the five-lesson group teaching plan:

“The difference is off the charts compared to when I wasn’t using this method. Golf needs good young professionals to help grow the game and inspire the next generation of enthusiastic golfers.”


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