Help Students Improve Faster through Powerful Feedback Loops

Posted on: May 10 2018 | Blog


V1 Sports Platform Enable Feedback Loops

Golfers of all abilities strive to improve or maintain their skills. With an endless list of game improvement tools out there, it can be daunting to find the right solution. Luckily research on how golfers learn has helped to narrow down this list. Nearly 65% of all golfers are visual learners, and golfers forget 40% of what they learned just 20 minutes after a lesson. With these stats in mind, the world’s top instructors are leveraging the V1 Platform to create what’s called a feedback loop, a powerful and effective tool that helps students retain information and improve faster.

The basic premise of a feedback loop is for instructors and students to share with each other visual information about the student’s golf swing on a regular basis. Historically, the challenge instructors faced has always been staying in contact with students once a lesson has ended. Thanks to the V1 Platform, it’s easier than ever for instructors to create and maintain this feedback loop through remote (virtual) video lessons.

V1 Pro and Golf Magazine Top 100 golf instructor Tom Patri is a firm believer in the benefits of the feedback loop and uses this tool to teach both “live” (in-person) and more than 150 remote students. Through the V1 Platform, Tom is able to capture or receive swing videos from students and deliver consistent and timely video lessons:

“I want to see a student’s swing every two weeks, or at least once a month; I use it as a check-in opportunity to see their progress or help them get back on track.”


Feedback Loops Consist of Five Distinct Steps

1. Capture: Capture the golf swing. Either in-person with the instructor or remote by the student using the V1 Golf app.

2. Compare: Display the golf swing side-by-side with a Tour Pro’s or with an older swing by the student. Context is imperative to drive-home changes that are necessary.

3. Analyze: Through careful measurement and analysis of the golf swing, identify the swing issues and changes needed to improve.

4. Correct: Provide instruction, tips, and drills that the student can use to correct their swing issues.

5. Repeat: Capture and analyze the swing again to track changes and continue improvement.

Using the V1 Pro app, Tom is able to create a feedback loop for students through regular V1 Lessons. In the V1 Lesson, Tom breaks down the student’s swing and identifies what he calls “the big kahuna”, the biggest issue plaguing a student’s swing. Then he attaches tips and drills that the student can employ during practice to fix their main issue. The V1 Lesson is delivered directly to the student via text or email.  The process then repeats in-person and digitally.

By employing feedback loops like Tom Patri, instructors can tap into how golfers learn and provide the most efficient way for them to improve.

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