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How a Professional Golfer Uses the V1 Golf App

How a Professional Golfer Uses the V1 Golf App

It’s always fun to see the little “slices of life” that show us how different golfers use the V1 Golf Swing App to improve their game. While preparing for an upcoming run of mini-TOUR events, playing professional A.J. Silverman relies on the V1 Golf App to monitor his swing and send videos to his own teaching pro. Silverman says the progress the app has enabled him to make has put him on a fast track to getting his game where it needs to be for tournament play.

Silverman is undergoing an extensive swing change, primarily to ease the tension on a nagging injury he’s recovering from as he readies for a serious schedule of competitive rounds. Using the V1 Golf App during practice sessions gives him instant feedback on his progress. His coach, using the V1 Golf Pro Software App, can take those swing videos and provide swift analysis and side-by-side views of older swings or model swings to keep Silverman on the path to improvement.

“Having access to the V1 Golf App is key to me being able to constantly video my swing and make sure I’m hitting the right points and making the necessary changes,” Silverman says. “I have my pro use V1 Pro to advise changes and improvements and send those back to me, so no matter where I am, I can always get his feedback.”

Silverman adds that he finds the process “easy” and useful to be able to go through the library of his swings as well as the pre-loaded model swings on the app to chart the progress of his practice and improvement.

Enjoy the video of Silverman discussing how the V1 Golf App has helped his game.

The V1 Golf App is available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.


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