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How to Build A Successful Teaching Business While Raising a PGA TOUR Champion with Mike Thomas

How to Build A Successful Teaching Business While Raising a PGA TOUR Champion with Mike Thomas

PGA Master Professional Mike Thomas, father of 2017 PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas, takes his audience through a webinar hosted live this past week called “Building a Successful Teaching Business while Raising a PGA TOUR Champion.”

Thomas has one of the most unique perspectives on teaching golf in the industry today, having helped coach his son, Justin, to success on the PGA TOUR and to his first major championship victory before Justin even reached his 25th birthday. Thomas’ webinar dives deep into his career and personal experience, building a flourishing life and business in golf.

Secrets Spilled

Topics Thomas covers include working with golf instruction technology as a coach and father, the importance of swing-video-banking to track improvement, and the future of golf instruction along with advice for parents teaching junior golfers.

Thomas also offers insight on the complexities of teaching in today’s COVID environment via remote instruction and home-studio setups. The presentation will include video analysis of the evolution of Justin Thomas’ golf swing from his time as a junior all the way to his winning “adult” swing.

With the assistance of webinar co-host Derek Mousseau, V1 Sports Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Thomas takes part in a live Q &A that covers a broad and enlightening array of topics. Thomas chronicles his own journey from growing up under a PGA Professional, becoming a Master PGA Professional himself, to coaching and one of the top players of his generation in PGA TOUR Champion Justin Thomas.

Thomas also covers the incredible ease of conducting remote video lessons with the V1 Golf app (for golfers) and the V1 Pro app (for teachers. Easy to use in a home, garage, basement or yard, golfers can use the popular V1 Golf mobile app to film and send their swings to the teaching pro of their choice and receive lessons with voiceover, telestration and custom drills. V1 recently surpassed the 4 million mark in online lessons and has seen an uptick in usage since Shelter in Place practices began earlier this year. In addition, the V1 Golf Plus subscription allows golfers access to one of the largest libraries of tour swings for comparison and exclusive tips and drills.

Enjoy the full video below.

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