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How to Come Out of the Quarantine in Better Golf Condition

How to Come Out of the Quarantine in Better Golf Condition

Many avid golfers are either coming off a long, mostly-unplanned layoff from the game. Or they’re about to. And, of course, they’re wondering what their practice plan should be to get back into peak golfing condition. Which is why we asked some of America’s more popular users of the V1 Pro system for advice. Here’s what they had to say.

Larry Rinker

“The best thing to do after a long layoff from golf is to take it easy and get as many swings in per day as you can — even if it’s just practice swings,”

says Larry Rinker, Director of Instruction at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando.

“Work on running your routine, even in practice swings. I wouldn’t worry about if you’re hitting no balls, limited-distance balls or even plastic balls, where you cannot see the actual ball flight. The most important thing is that you are swinging and working out your golf muscles.”

Devan Bonebrake

Devan Bonebrake, Owner/Operator of the Southern California Golf Academy in Carlsbad, Calif., says that

“anytime you have a layoff, the first thing to go is your touch. Therefore, I would advise people to start with their short game and get some confidence back with that. Additionally, avoid any mechanical thoughts initially and focus mostly on making contact. Where are you hitting the ground relative to the ball? Where are you hitting the ball on the clubface? Nail this down first and you’re bound to have a much more enjoyable experience back to outdoor golf.”

Nancy Quarcelino

When it comes to your golf game, this scenario is “much like coming out of the off-season,” says Nancy Quarcelino, Owner of the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf in Nashville.

“First of all, make sure you get your grips freshened up before you hit the course. Next- and before you get back to the course- if you have the V1 Golf app on your phone, go back to the previous lessons you’ve taken on it and start reviewing them. Catalog them by category- short game, tee shots, etc.- and work on them one-by-one.”

Dr. Jim Suttie

Renowned instructor Dr. Jim Suttie, who has facilities in Park City, Utah and Naples, Fla., suggests you

“do a lot of driver swinging and half swinging, and maybe look in the mirror while you’re doing that so you can see what looks right. Also, have someone videotape your swing, so you can send it to your instructor who can compare it to videos of when you were playing well. That way, the two of you can compare what you’ve been working on in your off season to how you were doing it when you were playing well last year.”

To learn more about downloading the V1 Golf app for golfers, visit https://v1sports.com/athletes/v1-golf-app/.


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