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Keep Your Game Sharp While Sheltering at Home

Keep Your Game Sharp While Sheltering at Home

By Special Guest Contributor Scott Kramer

Once the ping pong ball caved in, it dawned on me that there had to be a better way to practice my golf game while in quarantine. Hitting it with a 5-wood across my front lawn seemed like a great idea until I realized the ball only lasted a handful of hits. Many golfers have run into similar predicaments. So, I compiled a short list of things to try that will make your eventual transition back to the course go more smoothly.

Since I’ve been holed up, my swing’s gotten a little rusty. Which is why I’ve been keeping the V1 Golf app handy. When I realize getting on the course for some is a few weeks away, I’m planning on using the app to take a virtual lesson from one of the pros in its vast network. Stay in touch with your instructor without having to be there physically, advises Gary Palis, Vice President of Operations and Sales at V1:

“Instructors can look at your swing video on the app and provide feedback with audio and telestrations, as well as drills to work on wherever you have physical access – whether it be at home, the driving range, or anywhere else.”

Download the V1 Golf App in the iOS App Store and start working with pro of your choice today.

Once I started swinging better, I found some backyard-safe wiffle golf balls online, namely Callaway’s Practice Perforated balls. At $5/24-pack, these are perfect for a typical small yard. They can travel maybe 30 yards without any wind, and won’t shatter car windows nor get taken too awry during a gust. In fact, they’re safe to use indoors — in case you want to chip balls up the stairs. There are practice balls out there that will go longer and feel more substantial, as well. Those from almostGOLF are safe for larger yards. You can even manufacture a draw or fade with them, which is pretty cool for a limited-flight ball. 

One way you can hit the greens running is to invest now in a decent putting mat that rolls true and lets you groove a proper full stroke in your living room. The WellPutt Mat runs 13 feet long and even includes printed-on targets, to help you aim better.

Another way to ease your worries about losing your swing during quarantine? Try the Swing Align training aid which guides you through simple indoor drills that keep your body well-aligned and your swing on-plane. Working with the wearable, feedback-focused device, you’ll use muscle memory to ward off sloppy swing habits and develop repeatable alignment, rotation and connection. To support at-home practice, the creators of Swing Align and Swing Align Short Game have shared a small collection of simple indoor video drills that can be performed with our without a club. You can learn how to dial in your swing at home or demonstrate the fundamentals to focus on when practicing indoors.

Invoking any of these practices may better prepare you for your next round than you ever imagined.


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