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LPGA to partner with V1 Sports for Mobile Magic

LPGA to partner with V1 Sports for Mobile Magic

An exclusive program for LPGA T&CP Members to build and grow their business with a Branded Academy.

“We’re excited to be leveraging the magic of mobile with the LPGA and their 1,600 Teaching and Club Professionals to help golfers improve everywhere,” said Chris Hart, President and CEO of V1 Sports.

Through the LPGA online Golf Academy, LPGA Instructors are listed for a small fee inside the consumer V1 Golf App, allowing current and prospective students to send swing videos in for analysis. The LPGA certified instructor then views, records and sends an LPGA Academy lesson back to them on the V1 Pro app.

“We are so pleased to partner with V1 Sports for this online LPGA Academy,” said Dana Rader, LPGA National President. “By utilizing the V1 Pro software our LPGA teachers are able to instantly deliver lessons to their students’ computers, smart phones (iPhones, Android and Blackberry) and Facebook pages where they can be easily shared and seen by more people than we ever thought possible.”

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LPGA to partner with V1 Sports – official press release



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