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Make Solid Contact and Start Lowering Your Score with PGA Instructor Todd Sones

Make Solid Contact and Start Lowering Your Score with PGA Instructor Todd Sones

Proper Setup is the Key to Great Contact

Too much information out there is ineffective and just doesn’t help people to lower their score. Todd likes to say “Information without a solution is nothing more than confusion”. Or better yet, “People don’t play well with complex thoughts, they play well with a simple feel!”

DID YOU KNOW? Roughly 30% of your score is from 100 yards to the edge of the green and 40% of your score is on the green. SO your putter is the #1 scoring club in your bag.

Todd Sones, Founder of Scoring Zone, an online golf instruction platform, Top 100 Teacher of America and a V1 Sports Ambassador says “Whether you are hitting full swing shots, short game shots, or putting on the green, solid contact is the foundation to a great golf game that leads to lower scores and more fun on the course.”

“Providing instruction in a way that is easily understood and applicable to your golf game is our mission at the Scoring Zone,” says Todd Sones.

Watch this FREE video to learn a great setup that we call ‘Stand To The Handle.’

Watch this FREE video to learn ‘Which Wedges’ you need in your bag for a great short game.

Continue to Improve with Scoring Zone

Now through the end of August [August 31st at Midnight], use this code V1SUMMER19 to get both of our online courses for just $64 US, which is more than 30% off retail.


You’ll receive UNLIMITED access for a FULL year to Short Game Scoring and Lights Out Putting, a total of 43 video lessons.If you were able to take lessons with Todd Sones and his team, this value would exceed $2,500.This offer ends at midnight August 31st, 2019.$30 OFF V1 Summer Deal.

Todd Sones Impact Golf Schools

If you would like to attend one of Todd Sones Impact Golf Schools in person, they are located at beautiful White Deer Run Golf Course located in Vernon Hills, IL, 30 minutes north of O’hare airport just outside of Chicago. Their Friday and Saturday golf schools typically book up quickly. The golf schools focus on the complete short game, from 100 yards in, wedge play, and putting. The Scoring Zone, found at scoringzone.com, currently offers 2 online courses called Short Game Scoring and Lights Out Putting which includes the lessons and strategies we teach at our schools, and it’s available with unlimited access for 1 year online.


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