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V1 Sports Celebrates National Golf Day 2019

V1 Sports Celebrates National Golf Day 2019

Growing the Game with V1 Sports

Every year, golf industry leaders embark on the country’s capital in Washington D.C. to celebrate National Golf Day and meet with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss golf’s 15,000 diverse businesses, two million jobs impacted, tax revenue and tourism value. Golf has an 84 billion-dollar economy including a nearly $4 billion annual charitable impact.

V1 Sports is proud to have played a part in the mid ’90s, being the first company to utilize the modern internet for golf instruction and delivery of the first ever online golf lesson. As of today V1 Sports Instructors have delivered more than 3.7 million video lessons through it’s V1 Pro HD software and V1 Pro app.

“We are proud to be a foundational part in helping to grow the game of golf.” said V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty, “For more than two decades, more than ten thousand golf instructors have utilized our video analysis software and apps to help millions of golfers around the world improve. We are passionate about continuing to develop instruction solutions that help golfers today and tomorrow enjoy the game.”

V1 has been one of the longest standing technology partners of the PGA of America and brings 24-years of technology products and services to the golf industry. National Golf Day is an opportunity for everyone to say thank you to a sport that has provided joy and employment to so many.


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