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New Financing Options for Golf Studio Systems

New Financing Options for Golf Studio Systems

Teach Now, Pay Later

Flexible financing options are now available for Golf Studio Systems. Built from the ground up, our Golf Studio Systems provide custom, turn-key solutions for hassle-free video capture and analysis.

Through a partnership with Ascentium Capital, golf instructors will now be able to develop payment solutions customized to meet budget and cash flow objectives.

The V1 financing program is available to all existing and new V1 customers who are looking to build out a customized Golf Studio System complete with high definition and high frame rate cameras coupled with V1 Pro HD, the industry’s most powerful swing analysis software. Teachers who are also looking to upgrade their existing equipment, video cameras, or add new computers or tablets to their studio are also eligible for financing.

V1 can develop a financing package that best suits business needs including a variety of monthly payment options starting with a simple application process.


“This new financing program is the next phase for V1 to provide optimal solutions for all teachers,” said CEO Bryan Finnerty. “Previously, more established teachers or golf academies could afford a fully customized V1 Golf Studio System. Now we offer an opportunity for new teachers to start using the best technology and teaching solutions early in their career providing them a quicker pathway to success.”

To submit a financing application or talk to a Sales Representative, fill out the contact form HERE.

Why Choose V1 Golf Studio Systems

Craftsmanship: We have more than 20 years of experience building Golf Studio Systems for thousands of instructors and academies around the world. Every system is crafted by skilled technicians in-house, from inventory allocation, assembly, testing, and quality assurance, to ensure we provide only the very best for our customers.Performance: Our expert technicians are obsessed with building Golf Studio Systems that capture the highest quality swing videos for optimum analysis. We are constantly curating and testing the latest technology and highest quality components to ensure we build the most powerful Systems for golf instructors.Turn-key: Every Golf Studio System comes complete with everything you need, from cameras and lenses to cables and microphones, to start teaching golfers with state-of-the-art video capture and analysis.

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