New Year, New Golf Game

Posted on: Jan 16 2019 | Blog


Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Include the V1 Golf App

With 2019 officially here, golfers across the globe are setting new goals for the upcoming golf season. Whether it is gaining a few yards off the tee, dialing in the wedge game, or just dropping a few digits off the handicap, a new year allows for ambitious thoughts. To make these dreams a reality, golfers know they have to put the time in practicing. Due to busy work schedules, and hectic family lives, making limited practice time count is crucial. Here are 4 reasons why downloading the free V1 Golf app is the first step your should take towards accomplishing your New Year's resolutions on the course. 

1. Powerful Game Improvement Tools: The V1 Golf app is packed with powerful video analysis tools to help you play your best. 

  1.   Import video from camera roll
  2.   Capture videos in HD 240 FPS on capable devices 
  3.   Playback in slow motion and frame-by-frame
  4.   Review swings with telestration
  5.   Accelerate, trim, zoom in, and flip videos
  6.   Share videos on social media and via email
  7.   Receive video lessons from a V1 Pro

2. Avid Golfers Love It: The V1 Pro app has helped millions of golfers improve since it's launch in 2009. It was the first golf instruction app to reach 1M downloads. Forbes recently named the V1 Golf app the "Top Golf Consumer Technology Product" of 2018.

3. Connect with the Best Instructors in the World: The V1 Golf app removes the time and space barrier to taking golf lessons from the world's best instructors. Easily search for an Instructor, connect, and share swing videos for analysis.

4. Save Money: We know your wallet is a little lighter after the holidays. We don't want that to be a reason to postpone your game improvement, which is why the V1 Golf app is free!

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