No Range No Problem

Posted on: Jun 01 2018 | Blog


V1 Pro App Offers Maximum Flexibility

Whether at a private or public course, range, on course, or studio, where and how golf professionals teach varies drastically. However, the goal is always the same: help golfers improve. V1 Sports recognized this and built a platform with multiple options, and maximum flexibility.

Chuck Olson, head pro at Wawashkamo Golf Club on Mackinac Island is a great example of this. Chuck, who doesn’t have a driving range at the club, relies on teaching his members and juniors through on course playing lessons. He uses the V1 Pro app to record videos of his students on the course,

“The V1 Pro app has been a life saver for me, it is incredibly easy to use on the fly, and gives my students instant feedback.”

Once the playing lesson is over Chuck sends his students their recorded swings through the V1 Platform via email or text for future review.

While Olson teaches a fair number of adult students, he has focused on creating a dynamic junior program. Many people assume that using an advanced system such as V1 might be too much for a junior to handle, Olson doesn’t buy that.

“As surprising as this might sound, I use the V1 Pro App more with my juniors than I do with their parents. I have found that a child’s understanding greatly improves when you show them what a proper grip, stance, or posture looks like compared to when you tell them.”

Chuck pre records these videos on the V1 Platform and then shows them during the playing lesson. Olson adds,

“My entire junior program is more technologically advanced than I am; they get excited to use a mobile device while on the course. It keeps them engaged and focused.”


The V1 Pro app is built for golf improvement; this includes capture and analysis of the golf swing, and creating and delivering video lessons to students.