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Practice at Home: How to Regulate Your Breath

Practice at Home: How to Regulate Your Breath

We are kicking of a new series called “Practice at Home” to help you improve your game while getting to the range might be tough. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our favorite drills that golfers can practice anywhere, including their living room.

Tips and Drills to Practice at Home

Breathing is one of the most underrated parts of any golf swing, but so important to the tempo, control, and replicability of a shot. We want to make sure our breath is helping the body get into a rhythm on a stroke. Paying close attention to your breath in practice will help you have proper technique (without thinking too much about it) on the green.

In the above video, PGA and LPGA certified instructor Nancy Quarcelino of the Gaylord Springs Golf Links teams up with V1 Sports to give her best practice tips for improving your breathing during a golf swing.

“I recommend taking a breath on the backswing and then let it go on the follow-through. Breathe in, back, breathe out, follow. Now, when you’re putting, the best thing to do is breathe in, hold, and putt.”

-Nancy Quarcelino

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