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Prep for the 2021 Golf Season

Prep for the 2021 Golf Season

You haven’t picked up a club in a while. Getting back to the course soon may seem like a daunting proposition. You fear what your short game will look like, let alone your tee shots. So how do you grasp the situation and whip your game back into shape? Two of America’s top instructors and avid V1 Pro users offer their insight.

Rich Barcelo

PGA Director of Instruction at Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas.

Start putting “a golf club in your hands and making swings,” advises Rich Barcelo, PGA director of instruction at Bluejack National in Montgomery, Texas. “Keeping a feel for the club in your hands will help diminish how bad the club may feel after a long layoff. Short game touch goes away quickly after a layoff, and full swings tend to come back quicker than short game shots. Thus, focus mostly on set-up and fundamentals as you emerge from a layoff.”

Barcelo also likes to see his students use V1 Sports technology during the off-season in several ways.

First, use it to learn your swing so you can better understand your tendencies and how to correct them with information from previous lessons.

Second, watch model swings to see that there are many different ways to deliver the clubhead to the ball, yet there are certain swing traits that are more consistent than others.

“I like to see my students employ V1 video into almost all of their full-swing lessons. The biggest advantage for golfers when V1 is added to a lesson is their ability to attach a feel to the real. What someone feels in their swing usually doesn’t align with what they’re actually doing. I can tell students that they’re too steep on the downswing but until they actually see it on video, they don’t realize it,” Barcelo says. “V1 can also act as a confidence booster. I can display a swing on the screen from when the lesson started and put it next to a swing later in the lesson, and show them the progress they’ve made and to trust what the feelings are to achieve the change. That kind of visual credence can really help a golfer’s morale upon returning to the course.”

Tom Patri

PGA Director of Instruction at Crown Colony Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida.

Tom Patri, PGA director of instruction at Crown Colony Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, Fla., says that winter is a good time for golfers to regain touch and feel by making swings indoors with either a weighted club, swing fan or Orange Whip trainer. “At the very least, try putting (on carpet) indoors and do golf-specific stretches,” Patri says.

He adds that you can also become a set-up expert and work towards sound fundamentals. As for swinging a club as you emerge from hibernation, use the V1 Golf app to practice swing drills that your coach has assigned based on your specific swing issues.

“I have more than 150 students staying connected to me on a bi-weekly basis, both live as well as remotely through the V1 Golf app. Communication is vital to improving your game and getting back up to speed,” Patri says.

To keep yourself sharp over the off-season, try some of these simple methods Barcelo and Patri suggest and work with a V1 coach to fine tune your swings over the V1 Golf app. The videos you share will give you a tremendous head start to your 2021 golf season.

If you you’re not already using the V1 Golf app, you can download it here.


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