Pro Tip Tuesday: After the Lesson, Share a Dose of Drills

Posted on: Jan 09 2018 | Blog


The Perfect Prescription

The most precarious time for an instructor and student is between lessons. The student, filled with new concepts is liable to either not practice what they learned, or over think themselves into such a state they struggle to remember what end of the club to hold. Not unlike a schoolteacher giving out homework to ingrain the daily lesson, golf instructors should give out their own take-home assignments. While it isn’t algebra formulas or state history questions, the use of drills as a link between lessons is highly effective.

Below are three ways to make this happen

#1 Create a Drill Library:

Take an hour and create a library of drills. Film yourself performing 10-15 generic drills that are easy for your students to understand. Once you have them recorded save them and store them in your “Drill Library.”

#2 Homework:

As the lesson is finishing tell your students that you are going to give them two drills that you want them to work on between lessons. Use a few of the drills that you have stored in your “Drill Library” and send them through the V1 platform to your student.

#3 Communicate:

Before your student leaves talk them through why you want them to do those drills. If the student understands the purpose of the drill and how it correlates to their specific swing, the chances of the student practicing rise substantially.