Pro Tip Tuesday: “Impact” Your Students

Posted on: Feb 20 2018 | Blog


Easy as 1-4-6-8

Instructors and teaching professionals are routinely searching for more time, as it is common for lessons to run long and daily tasks to accumulate. For this reason, every minute of teaching time should be maximized to its fullest effect. Creating systems within the V1 platform that are tailored to your teaching is vitally important for efficiency. Arguably one of the most studied points of each lesson pertains to the student’s impact position. Instead of sliding the time/swing manually from frame to frame set your students impact position at the start of every lesson.

How to set your students impact position

  1. Drag your video to where your student makes contact with the ball.
  2. Hold down on the ‘6’ button, this will re-set all of the swing positions.
  3. With all the swing positions re-set the instructor will be able to click through the students swing from position to position.
  4. By clicking on the 1-4-6-8 buttons the instructor will be able to seamlessly click from #1 address – #4 top of swing – #6 impact - #8 finish.

By creating and utilizing different systems throughout the V1 teaching platform, instructors are able to make the most out of the little time they have with each student.