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Product Update: V1 Game Auto Shot Detection AI

Product Update: V1 Game Auto Shot Detection AI

V1 Sports is excited to announce the release of a brand new (to our company and to the golf analysis industry) artificial intelligence-powered auto shot detection.

This feature allows V1 Game to now track your locations as you play. Instead of having to manually enter in each shot (an option that is still available if needed), now your V1 Game app will predict where your shots might have been hit and record them for you.

To use the Auto Shot Detection AI feature in your V1 Game app, simply start your round and keep your phone in your pocket (best) or cart (okay).

Understanding the Graphics

Grey Markers

The greyed out markers are areas where we’re less confident. You have the option to click and drag shots marked incorrectly.


White Markers

The white markers show where we’re pretty confident where you hit a golf shot


You can enter your score between holes or after playing the round. Artificial Intelligence will find your shots based on the data that we have.


Alternatively, you can always adjust the scroll wheels to enter the data manually.


Additional Features

Add Club Information to a Shot

You can tap on shot markers to add club information that might be helpful for you post-round.

Advanced Edits

From the shot menu, you can make many types of edits.

For example, edit putting distance, delete and reorder shots, or even changing the lie.


Changing the lie also gives you an option to make it that shot a penalty.

Tracking Shots from Home

V1 Game allows you to track shots from home by simply entering in your score by hand if you forgot to use Auto Shot on the course.

To watch a full tutorial, watch the video below and head to our V1 Sports youtube page for more V1 Game tutorial videos.


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