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RoboGolfPro® Uses V1 Sports for “Instant” Progress in Robo-Powered Lessons

RoboGolfPro® Uses V1 Sports for “Instant” Progress in Robo-Powered Lessons

One of the most interesting partners V1 Sports has is the team from RoboGolfPro®, led by popular and innovative instructor, Scot W.R. Nei. The RoboGolfPro® is a large robotic device powered by programmable settings that allow a golfer to hold on to a golf club and have the robotic device feel guide them through the movement and feeling of virtually any golf swing, from top PGA TOUR stars to instructional model swings. The robot swings the club, the student ingrains the feeling of the swing motion.


Nei developed RoboGolfPro® to use breakthrough technology and its one-of-a-kind platform to let golfers understand what it “feels” like to swing their ideal swing. “What could take hours in conversation, practice and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®,” Nei says.PGA Tour players Vaughn Taylor and Bryson DeChambeau each own and use RoboGolfPro® units and have credited the machine for helping them develop proper swing habits and reach swing goals more quickly. The company is expanding with great demand in Thailand for RoboGolfPro® installations. The Trust Golf training facility in Thailand recently opened with a RoboGolfPro® installation and the company has plans to build six more Trust Golf complexes with need for 10 more RoboGolfPro® units.

The RoboGolfPro team will be on hand at the Open Championship, July 14 – 21 at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland, displaying a RoboGolfPro® unit’s features and benefits to spectators and making the unit available for pros to train on before and during championship play. The fan-friendly activation can be found in the HSBC Golf Zone. “Our activation is called ‘100 Years of Golf’ and it is a two-minute walk from the 18th Tee box,” Nei says.

Each RoboGolfPro® unit uses the V1 Sports video capture system with two video screens showing V1-powered swing videos for the students to use instant feedback. “A RoboGolfPro® lesson is all about speeding up the learning curve and instantly getting the student to feel and see that their perfect swing should be. V1 Pro is the perfect video tool to help get students to understand where their starting and where we want them to be after they’ve had their lesson,” Nei says.

Nei discusses the benefits of the RoboGolfPro® system in this short Q&A:

RoboGolfPro is all about accelerated learning and ingraining proper swing habits and sequences. From an instructor’s standpoint, is it more “satisfying” to give a RoboGolfPro lesson than an “analog, non-technology-aided” lesson because the feedback is immediate? In what ways?

As an instructor and teacher, I would say that critical instant feedback, from the perspective of a student who has never touched a club, all the way to our TOUR professionals, is the most satisfying. That being said, it’s more satisfying teaching with RoboGolfPro® because the student, without words, has instant success. This creates a new conversation between the student and teacher because they now can see, with the V1 Pro system, what they are feeling and doing on RoboGolfPro®.  RoboGolfPro® instantly changes a golfer’s impact by helping him to never hit behind the ball. Other instant benefits are changed swing curvature and swing plane and the addition of 25 to 50 yards, on average.


How critical is feedback to learning to swing a golf club properly? Why?

Feedback is a critical part of effective learning whether a flying a plane or swinging a golf club.  RoboGolfPro®, along with V1 Pro, helps students understand the golf swing as well as their own golf swing tendencies and gives them clear guidance on how to improve their learning. To what do you attribute the worldwide growth of your business and penetration into so many markets?

RoboGolfPro® has grown from my first location in Chicago to Seattle, Pebble Beach and now to more than 45 locations including 10 countries and multiple installations in Tour Players’ personal homes. The world is now understanding that traditional golf instruction has not made the difference in growing the game of golf that we are all striving for. Since the inception of the USGA GHIN Handicap System, the average score has really not changed. It’s still about 100 for 18 holes which is unbelievable if you sit back and think about it! Now the world can see with technology like RoboGolfPro® combined with V1 Sports, BodiTrak, Kvest, MySwing and PuttView, we are now on the verge of moving the needle.  With RoboGolfPro® and the other technologies mentioned, we are now able to have students shooting in the 80s in one year. RoboGolfPro® is like having a student walk into the body of a professional golfer and physically feel what it takes to have repetitive motion.What does it say about your product that PGA TOUR pros Bryson DeChambeau and Vaughn Taylor are big enough believers in your product that have purchased in-home units?Having Vaughn Taylor and Bryson DeChambeau as personal owners of RoboGolfPro® and V1 proves that it does not matter how many balls you hit. It matters how many perfect reps you put in. We call them “exaggerated RoboReps.” What has Tiger Woods’ quote been all these years?  “All I need are more reps.”  This is what is called perfect practice. The late, great Ben Hogan used to practice at the slowest speeds possible and that is one of the features of RoboGolfPro®. It’s nice to have two Ryder Cup players and multiple winners our products in their homes. RoboGolfPro® is the ultimate golf work out. Vaughn and Bryson are not the only TOUR players who train on RoboGolfPro®. There is a long list of male and female tour players who attribute training on RoboGolfPro® to their successes.  How frequently do these pros pick your brain?Our stable of PGA, LPGA, Champions, Korn Ferry, Mackenzie, PGA Tour LatinoAmerica, PGA China as well as all of our junior players who are weekly if not daily RoboGolfPro® users and all of their success are a testament and quantifies the credibility of training with RoboGolfPro® and V1 Pro. This regimen allows them to see what they are feeling. Our professionals and our non-professional students alike don’t have to pick our brains as much because they are able to now see in the monitor with, V1 Pro, everything that is happening with their bodies and the golf club while on RoboGolfPro®. Whether it’s regarding a putt, chip, pitch, half or full swing, RoboGolfPro® creates a new conversation between the student and the teacher.


How vital is V1 Sports to the RoboGolfPro presentation and instruction process?

V1 Sports is an essential piece to the RoboGolfPro® instruction puzzle because it is an absolute fact that we use our eyes 80 percent more than all of our senses. No matter how you slice the senses pie, our brains give preference to processing vision compared to our other senses. This is why we split the screen using V1 Pro so we can take the student through steps and explain the golf swing and kinematic sequences compared to our top professionals, moving the robot at various positions. Instantly, we can compare whatever we call “perfect” to what the student is doing at that time.

This way the teacher and student are on the same page and there is no ambiguity. The student now sees, feels and hears the teacher and the point of the lesson becomes an absolute. The teacher can now say, “See what your club is doing and how your wrists are moving at the P2 position, and see what they are doing on RoboGolfPro®?”  Then, you can exaggerate as much as possible to give the student the opposite feel because “feel” and “real” are two very different senses in golf. This is proven using V1 Pro when the student is swinging off of RoboGolfPro® and we ask the student to try to swing the exaggerated swing. We look at the V1 Pro video and there is no exaggeration. It’s perfect!  When you add the results with the video after the feel, it drives it all home in the brain.How many V1 cameras do you need and in what positions do you set them up to give you the data you need to relay good feedback to a student? What’s does your V1 “studio” set-up consist of?The ultimate RoboGolfPro® studio set up consists of a four-camera V1 system.  That’s one on the ceiling looking down, one on the RoboGolfPro® for face on, one down the line and one on the target line looking at the student, so they can release their eyes after impact towards the target.RoboGolfPro® and V1 Sports are helping make a hard game easier by helping a huge cross-section of golfers, from those who have never touched a golf club, all the way to golf’s top players on the professional tours. The technology is available for all ages, sizes, shapes and levels of flexibility. We are on our way to changing how golf is learned. We can reverse the trend of half of all golfers giving up the game each year because they find the game too hard. Golf has been very difficult historically, but not anymore. Now, we have RoboGolfPro® combined with the world’s most advanced visual technology, powered by V1 Sports!See www.RoboGolfPro.com for more information.

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