Running V1 Pro HD on a Mac

Posted on: Jul 27 2018 | Blog

V1 Pro HD, the world’s most powerful video analysis software, runs on Windows operating systems. The best way to run V1 Pro HD is on one of our turnkey Golf Studio Systems which come with everything you need to plug in and start teaching. We build, test, and ship Golf Studio Systems that guarantee high-frame-rate, high-definition swing capture and powerful analysis.

Nevertheless, we know some of you are Apple loyalists and prefer to use a Mac. Don’t worry, those of you who fall in this camp can still run V1 Pro HD on your desktop or laptop.

To use V1 Pro HD software on a macOS, we recommend either Parallels or Boot Camp. Both are cross-platform solutions that make it easy to run Windows operating systems on macOS.

*Please note: Mac users will need a copy of Windows. You can use a previously purchased license or purchase a new copy. We also strongly recommend backing up your hard drive prior to installing Parallels or Boot Camp.


Parallels is a software that allows you to create a virtual machine (VM) that runs Windows within macOS.


  • You can run Windows and macOS at the same time and easily switch back and forth between operating systems.
  • Data and files can be easily shared or transferred between operating systems with a simple drag and drop.
  • There is no need to create a separate partition on your hard-drive for Windows which means more flexibility to configure the amount of RAM or storage space allocated to either the VM or macOS.


  • Parallels costs $79.99/year for a standard license.
  • Since Parallels runs both operating systems at the same time, it’s a greater strain on a Mac’s memory.

Install Parallels

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an application built right into the macOS operating system that allows users to create a separate partition on a Mac’s hard drive that specifically runs Windows. Once Boot Camp is installed, only macOS or Windows can be run at one time.


  • Boot Camp is built into the macOS operating system.
  • Since a Mac creates a completely separate partition to run Boot Camp, it is less of a strain on your computer’s memory than Parallels.
  • Boot Camp is free to install.


  • Once your hard drive is partitioned, you cannot adjust the partition size. You will have to remove and reinstall Boot Camp in order to repartition the hard drive.
  • Every time you want to switch between operating systems, you need to reboot the computer.
  • There is no easy way to transfer or share files and data between operating systems. You have to use either email, file sharing service like Dropbox, or a USB device.

Install Boot Camp

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