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September Breaks Records in Digital Golf Lessons

September Breaks Records in Digital Golf Lessons

V1 Pro Instructors Deliver 55% More Online Lessons than 2019

V1 Sports is committed to helping avid golfers facilitate interactive lessons with pros as the golf industry relies more and more on fast, easy-to-use, and effective technology. Coming off the heals of the V1 Pro app update, there is little surprise that many golfers are finding ways to take lessons on their terms any time their schedules permit.

“In many ways, 2020 has served as a tipping point for the utilization of technologies that enable people to be productive from home or anywhere they may be. The V1 Golf and V1 Pro apps connect instructors and golfers in a way that tightens the student/coach bond and gives golfers the satisfaction of improving on an accelerated pace,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “Every day, golf instructors are developing ways to effectively increase revenue through the remote V1 Pro platform and that’s not going to go away. It’s a sound path to growth.”

In September of this year, a grand total of 44,520 digital lessons were delivered by all of our V1 Pro golf academies.

This achievement marks the most lessons delivered in the month of September in the last 5 years and even 55 percent higher than the mobile lesson total last year.

Last month’s activity on V1 Pro and V1 Golf marks the most lessons delivered in the month of September in the last five years and a 55-percent increase over 2019’s digital lesson total. Coming hot on the heels of an update to the V1 Pro app, V1 tallied a grand total of 44,520 digital lessons delivered by all of its affiliated golf academies using the V1 Pro platform for digital lessons. Among the academies seeing a continued rise in lessons delivered is the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Orlando, FL. Academy founder Mike Bender, perennially ranked near the top of Golf Digest’s and GOLF Magazine’s Top Teacher lists and the 2009 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year, says their remote lesson business was growing as an extension of their in-person golf schools prior to COVID-19 restrictions on travel and gathering, but has skyrocketed in recent months.

“People have a better understanding of the value of following up in between golf schools and lessons with remote instruction and they are realizing just how personalized, detail-oriented and effective an online lesson can be,” Bender says. “The easy-to-use V1 Golf app and the slick process of sharing swing videos keeps our students on a track of improvement, even if they’re contacting us from Mexico, Venezuela or Germany.”

Chandler Rusk, a master instructor for the Graves Golf Academy, the “Moe Norman Single Plane Authority,” points out the increased time online people have had during shelter-in-place protocols has meant more time on YouTube and search engines, mining for swing videos and golf tips. Graves Golf’s wealth of online videos and specialization in a single-plane swing philosophy (used most recently for success on the PGA TOUR by U.S. Open champion Bryson DeChambeau) has made them a magnet for new clientele and their use of remote lessons continues to fuel the growth of the academy’s Gold membership, which includes online instruction, access to hundreds upon hundreds of video lessons, weekly coaching videos, monthly private webinars and more.

“What we can accomplish with remote lessons is helping golfers graduate to the next step,” Rusk says. “Our in-person instruction teaches them what to do and how to do it, but remote lessons enable us to help our students ingrain their proper practice habits. Before and after videos can also keep students motivated to improve. The V1 app makes it easy to engage personally and make progress with our clients when hands-on instruction isn’t convenient.”

Top 20 V1 Pro Academies in September

Congratulations to our top performing V1 Pro Golf Academies in September 2020. These academies delivered the most digital video lessons through the V1 Sports platform to golfers all over the world. Check out the list below for the top academies in order of most lessons delivered.

  1. Top Speed Golf, Clay Ballard
  2. Capital City Club, Jim Goergen
  3. Graves Golf Academy, Trent White
  4. Mike Bender Golf Academy, Mike Bender
  5. George Bryan Golf Academy, George Bryan
  6. Linda Mulherin Golf Academy, Linda Mulherin
  7. Old Waverly Training Center, VJ Trolio
  8. Dr. Jim Suttie Golf Academy, Jim Suttie,
  9. Els Performance Golf Academy, Andrew Matthews,
  10. Dahlquist Golf, Dana Dahlquist
  11. Mike Sullivan Golf School, Mike Sullivan
  12. Todd Sones Impact Golf, Todd Sones
  13. Go Golf, Filindo Colace
  14. RYG Digital Swing Academy, Craig Zimmerman
  15. Pelli Golf, Ben Pellicani,
  16. Peggy Gustafson Golf Academy, Peggy Gustafson
  17. The Golf Complex, Barry Kight
  18. Jim Estes Golf, Jim Estes
  19. The Dutch Academy, Graeme Brown
  20. Lasken Golf, Bobby Lasken

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