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The Hidden Value of Comparing Professional Model Swings

The Hidden Value of Comparing Professional Model Swings

Improving your golf game can be challenging, but like all things in life, we can get better by visual instruction and replication. Watching someone execute the proper action can improve our techniques and movement. One of the best ways to improve your golf swing is to watch how a professional player swings, and incorporate elements of their approach into your own. When it comes to utilizing the V1 Golf app to its fullest potential, be sure to use the power of professional model swings available with V1 Golf Plus. This gives you the ability to watch a professional golfer swing on your mobile device at full, slow speed or frame-by-frame, to stop at key positions and add telestrations, and to side-by-side compare or directly overlay your swing against theirs. V1 Golf makes it easy to visually learn from the best in the sport. 

V1 Golf Plus has a fully stocked library with a diverse array of professional model swings. You are able to check out both down the line and face on swings, as well as view swings with different clubs ranging from the driver down to the putter. Compare and review the technique of top pros like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm at any time. The model swing library is not limited to just PGA Tour players, however. You also have access to pick some of the best LPGA and senior tour players in the game, making it fully inclusive for all types of golfers.


There are a wide range of tools the V1 Golf app has to help you analyze the model swing you have selected. One of the more popular features are the drawing tools, which can help illustrate the body positions you and the model swing are in with various lines and shapes. A great example of this would be drawing a circle around your head to identify how much head movement is taking place during the swing. 

The best tools for harnessing what models swings have to offer is the compare and overlay features. This allows you to either put your swing next to the model swing side-by-side, or overlay your own swing video on top of the model video. The overlay feature makes it easier to identify where your swing breaks down in comparison with the model, such as your takeaway being too far inside. These are simple, yet powerful ways to utilize the model swings to their fullest right from within the app. 

Understanding how to use model swings will benefit you on your journey to change and improve your own swing as well. Saving your swings and labeling them as models in time help to chart your improvement. Comparing new swings against your good swings helps you understand if the changes you made are sticking.  If not and you need more help, you can utilize the V1 Golf app to connect with an instructor who can further help you with professional lessons.

Download the free V1 Golf app to begin your journey today, or subscribe to V1 Golf Plus if you think the features and practices in this article will benefit you and your swing. Your golf game will thank you!

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