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Break Down Hip Turn with Tom Saguto and the V1 Pressure Mat

Break Down Hip Turn with Tom Saguto and the V1 Pressure Mat

Your favorite youtube celebrity and PGA professional Tom Saguto has teamed up with V1 Sports to unlock the secret to a great golf swing by analyzing Ben Hogan’s hip turn. Saguto features the V1 Pressure Mat and the V1 Pro software to break down Hogan’s swing.

Video Breakdown

Ben Hogan’s hip turn in the golf swing is rarely discussed in golf swing instruction today but it remains to be one of the most valuable golf swing pieces that you need to know to be good at golf (the best kept secret of the golf swing). Ben Hogan’s golf swing is often interpreted literally as “he wrote what he actually did”. In reality, Ben Hogan wrote what he “felt”. This leads to a lot of misconceptions about what he actually did in the golf swing. These golf swing misconceptions create problems for golfers looking to improve their golf games.

This episode looks at Ben Hogan’s hips and how you can use his ACTUAL hip motion to improve your golf swing. To quote Happy Gilmore when talking about the golf swing, “It’s all in the hips”. This advice reigns true and there’s a reason why Ben Hogan viewed the hips as the part of the golf swing that makes the golf swing AUTOMATIC. When you look at exactly how the hips work in the golf swing you will begin to see how Ben Hogan really felt and also understand the golf swing on a much deeper level. This episode will take your golf game to the next level.

Ben Hogan Content Outline

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:23 Ben Hogan’s Hip Turn Explained
  • 1:54 The Ben Hogan Hips in the Swing
  • 5:34 Measuring Weight – V1 Pressure Mat
  • 9:35 Ben Hogan Hip Turn Analysis – V1 App
  • 14:46 Ben Hogan Leg Action
  • 16:22 The WORST VS BEST Golfers

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