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Tuesday Traces with Mandy: Week 2 Featuring Alex Clapp

Tuesday Traces with Mandy: Week 2 Featuring Alex Clapp

Improving at Home with the V1 Pressure Mat

Welcome to the second episode of Tuesday Traces hosted by V1 Sports Sales Manager Mandy Von See. Each week, Mandy will interview a ground force expert on how the V1 Pressure Mat can be used by golfers at home to improve.

This week we have PGA Assistant Professional Alex Clapp discussing the theory behind ground mechanics including the importance of measuring and analyzing a golfer’s ground forces in order to improve. Clapp and Von See provide an overview of the V1 Pressure Mat and the three forces it measure: pressure, vertical force, and velocity.

Clapp has experience using the V1 Pressure Mat in helping one of his students, Leon Fricker, who plays on the PGA Tour China. In this video, we see Clapp going over Fricker’s swing video focusing on loading the trail heel, flexing his knees, and elongating the trail leg. We see how pressure plays a roll with that trail heel and trail leg. Included below are also images of the other forces the pressure mat provides creating even more opportunity for insight into a single swing.



“You can see here at the top, his pressures. You can see straight away Leon started the lesson off trail side.” Which is a problem, Clapp notes, because they can get “very stuck in the backswing. As soon as I see their pressures in favor of their trail side, which is this right hand number…Leon has a tendency for that to be the higher number. That then anatomically limits his rotation into his hip because he can’t use the push off from his front foot as a trigger to kind of get him going to the backswing.”

Watch the full webinar below and visit our youtube page for more tutorial videos with V1 Sports Pressure Mat and other V1 products.


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