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Tuesday Traces With Mandy: Week 1 Featuring Jake Thurm

Tuesday Traces With Mandy: Week 1 Featuring Jake Thurm

Improving at Home with the V1 Pressure Mat

Welcome to the first episode of Tuesday Traces hosted by V1 Sports Sales Manager Mandy Von See. Each week, Mandy will interview a ground force expert on how the V1 Pressure Mat can be used by golfers at home to improve.

In week one of Tuesday Traces, Mandy welcomes guest speaker and PGA Pro Instructor Jake Thurm as he walks through the mechanics of the golf swing, weight distribution, and ground force pressure as seen through the V1 Sports pro software and pressure mat technology.

Follow along as Jake explains the instruction and drills to help with hip rotation, posture, and weight distribution throughout the golf swing.

In this webinar, Jake helps his student Jim Altamirano and fellow viewers read the pressure mat graphs and take full advantage of the advanced technology. Many golfers can relate to Altamirano, who started with playing tennis and got into golf later in life and “became incredibly addicted.” Altamirano says, “what’s great about it is even as I age, I still feel like I can get better.”

Altamirano shared the following explanation when asked how he became interested in the pressure mat and V1 pro software technology.

“You go out and get a lesson and a pro tells you something about your swing and you work on them. Inevitably you go back to the way you used to hit the ball. So I was trying to figure out a way to make changes in my swing and have them stay.”

“So I started doing some research,” Altamirano says. “I didn’t know about the body mat at the time. That’s how I got here and now I have this great camera…and more importantly I have this body mat and people like Jake can tell me ‘you know, you’re just not getting through the ball, you can see it right there on the boditrak.’ And I can’t imagine anything cooler.”

Getting into the specifics of the pressure traces visible with the software, many golfers tend to get something called a fish hook trace. Jake Thurm explains what this tells us about the swing and what we can expect to go wrong if we do not transform it into what we call a linear trace.

“What we want to make sure is that we don’t fall towards the ball, ” Thrum says in the webinar.

What we want to see is a center of pressure that is going more linear. “It’s almost running parallel,” Thurm finishes before moving onto the next drill.

Discover some common mistakes in weight transference in the following webinar and see how V1 technology can improve your swing!

For more information on the V1 Sports home (for golfers) and pro (for instructors) studio software, check out webinar and links below.

Visit our youtube page for more tutorial videos, and check out the video below for more with Jake Thurm and the V1 Sports Pressure Mat.


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