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V1 Game Breakout: Analyzing Scoring Trends

V1 Game Breakout: Analyzing Scoring Trends

Get tour-level statistics and analytics on your golf game using the V1 Game app. V1 Game turns your phone or Apple watch into your own personal golf coach. It automatically tracks and records every shot you hit, then guides you to the exact area of your game you should practice first. V1 Game builds you a personalized practice plan so you can take it from the course to the range and back.

Let’s take a look at the scoring section of V1 Game to look at quick stats; like score by hole, score by the length of the hole, score trend, and scoring by par.

Score by Length of Hole

The graph below indicates how much your score increases as the hole’s length gets longer.

Score Trend

In scoring, you’ll also see your scoring trend. It’s here that you’ll definitely want to see your score trending downward.

Scoring by Par

See your scoring separated out by par 3s, 4s, and 5s. Get an understanding of areas in which you can improve on to help guide your practice.


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