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V1 Game Breakout: Golf Analysis

V1 Game Breakout: Golf Analysis

Get tour-level statistics and analytics on your golf game using the V1 Game app. V1 Game turns your phone or Apple watch into your own personal golf coach. It automatically tracks and records every shot you hit, then guides you to the exact area of your game you should practice first. V1 Game builds you a personalized practice plan so you can take it from the course to the range and back.

Profile Analysis

From the home screen, take analysis to bring up your profile, teams, and friends. Add friends via email from this screen if you want to share your stats or compete. Keep in mind, your performance is compared to the reference you chose when you created your account.

You can change that by hitting the menu button in the top right, select reference, and choose your next new goal. Your profile will automatically update to reflect the change.

Real Time Data

Let’s take a second to break down the Strokes Gained, the feature stats tile on your V1 Game home screen.

Strokes Gained Stacked Plot:

Each bar represents a round that your have played.

Each color represents a Strokes Gained category:

  • Red: Putting
  • Green: Approach
  • Blue: Driving
  • Yellow: Short Game

The black line represents the total when you add them all together. This plot shows you clearly how your performance varies day to day, and the areas of your game that fluctuates the most. Tap on a portion of the plot for details.

Three Keys

The three keys are three puts, two chips, and penalties. Three putts and penalties are straight forward. Two chips are when you’re inside 60 yards and it takes you more than 2 shot to get it on the green. Tap on the plot itself for more details.

To learn more, check out the full video below or download the app here:


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